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Meaning of dream Thirst :

dream thirstTo use a thimble stands for a laborious work at which one makes headway only slowly and needs help. It is also a symbol for the protection from injury. Who him in the dream (in vain?) looks, could presumably use him: One fears an emotional injury, or one would like to prevent at least one other ones, as long as one still has on it influence.



  • see: you must protect yourself from incommodities, – frustration and a lot of trouble,
  • carry: you will find assistance,
  • see disappearing: Rescue from danger.

(European ones).:

  • registers that the undertaken work will introduce little salary,
  • It is very luck-promising if a woman dreams of having lost her thimble.


  • carry: Incommodities with members of the family.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Thirst

Thirst - dream interpretation and meaning
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