Tooth, Teeth

A dream about teeth can have many different meanings. It can refer to many areas of life, including health, aesthetics or the way you make decisions and face challenges.

Often it has a negative meaning, indicating problems that need to be overcome. But sometimes a dream about teeth can bring good news, highlighting valuable character traits.


The dream can refer to special people in your life, relatives, family or close friends, and to feelings such as self-esteem.

Dream meaning Tooth, Teeth

White (beautiful) teeth

A dream about white teeth means that your wishes will soon be fulfilled and that you will be happy and satisfied with them for a long time.
White and healthy teeth are also a sign of prosperity.

Ugly teeth

A dream about ugly teeth can represent shame and concern about your appearance. It can be a sign that you do not feel good about yourself and that you are afraid of being misunderstood by others.
Ugly teeth in a dream can also indicate financial difficulties, but don’t be discouraged and look for the best solutions.

Dirty or broken teeth

A rotten tooth in a dream can mean health problems or an affair with someone close to you. Be aware of the health of others and try to take care of them. This is a good time to change or give up habits.

Milky teeth

The meaning of the dream is to draw attention to family matters. The dreamer advises you not to let others interfere in personal matters, especially those concerning you and your partner. This will avoid misunderstandings.
A dream about a baby tooth means the birth of a child in the family. It can also be a sign of maturity and the need for renewal.

An erupting milk tooth in a child can represent inner growth and maturation, the beginning of a new phase that requires responsibility that has been lacking.


An erupting tooth

Dreaming of an erupting tooth is a good sign and can herald the birth of a child or a marriage in the family. New teeth always bring good omens, so you should feel reassured.

Wisdom Tooth

The Dreamer advises you to seek consensus at work and not to get involved in disputes with colleagues. Show tact and wisdom in life. Strive for consensus and it will pay off in the future.

Golden Tooth

A dream about a golden tooth is a warning against lying and deception. It can be associated with sad or ill-informed matters. Make sure you know the truth before giving an opinion or speaking about someone else.

Moving tooth

This dream is a warning against disloyal friends. If only part of a tooth falls out in the dream, it is a warning of adversity or bad luck. The dreamer advises you to pay more attention to your thoughts, words and actions.

A dream of a moving tooth can mean problems. Start thinking positively so that things in your life start to improve. The dream informs you that there are many negative thoughts in your mind. You are feeling pessimistic and in a bad mood. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Even if you have pushed away family or friends, turn to people.

The dream is also strongly associated with feelings of uselessness and low self-esteem. So it is important to look after your emotional health.

The shifting and falling out of permanent teeth can express a loss of joy or an inability to stand up for oneself, such as one’s own opinion.

A broken tooth

The dream suggests that you need to pay attention to a particular issue or relationship before it ends due to a lack of care on your part.


A broken tooth in a dream also indicates concern about work and relationships. Another meaning of the dream is that you are afraid of saying something you shouldn’t have said.
A dream about a broken tooth can indicate an unfinished business or an unresolved problem. Think about what needs to be done and do it immediately.

The dream indicates that you should spend more time on some area of your life because something needs more care. This could be your image, your body or your mind. The dreamer is also predicting changes in a relationship, a job or a friendship. It can be a harbinger of some obstacle, as well as a manifestation of your own insecurities and worries.

Broken teeth in a dream are an unlucky omen for loving couples, so pay more attention to what is happening in your relationship.
If someone has broken your teeth in your dream, it could be an attempt to cheat. If you broke your teeth yourself, it could mean new responsibilities.

A broken tooth

If your tooth broke in the dream and you felt pain, pay more attention to your actions so you don’t make a mistake. Be honest.
A tooth that cracks and falls to the ground in your dream foreshadows a family quarrel. Try to be fair and understanding to everyone.

Teeth falling out

To dream of teeth falling out has a strong association with those who are going through a difficult time, lack of confidence and fear of the future. This dream can also express your belief that you cannot be happy. It can also foreshadow harm, such as financial loss, failure or the loss of something. The meaning of the dream suggests that you should take care of your mind and body.

A dream about teeth falling out can indicate great difficulty in expressing clearly what is bothering you, in defining limits.
The dream signifies a new beginning, although it may involve unpleasant events. Learn to deal with it, for your own sake and for the sake of those around you. The dream also warns of a dishonest friend.

If a tooth falls out of your mouth in the dream, it could mean someone leaving you or a loss of power and confidence.

If a tooth falls directly into your hand, it is a sign of the birth of a child in the family.


If all your teeth fall out in the dream, it is a symbol of longevity or family problems.

A bleeding tooth

A dream about a bleeding tooth indicates that you should pay more attention to your health. The dreamer advises you to pay attention to possible problems in your personal and professional life. Something that has been stable or secure may become shaky.

Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth in a dream is a sign that all obstacles will be overcome and there will be peace in your life. So do not give up and do not neglect your duties. You are already close to your goal and you will be able to relax.

If you use dental floss in your dream, you can expect luck and money.

A visit to the dentist

Going to the dentist for dental treatment in your dream heralds a very happy period. So do not lose hope and energy. If you have any problems at the moment, the dream foretells that they will become a thing of the past.


A dream in which you have a toothache is a warning to act justly. This is particularly important at the present time, as your actions may cause remorse in the future.

Extraction (removal) of a tooth

The meaning of this dream may be that you will suffer some financial loss. The dream advises you to manage your finances well and take care of what is yours.
A dream can also inform you of various events, it could be the loss of an important function, a fear or a disability.

If in your dream you feel that your teeth have been pulled out forcibly or with great force, avoid rash actions that will cause great loss.


Pulling someone’s teeth

The dreamer notes that there is anger in you. Find the reason for the anger and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Another meaning of the dream could be that you are helping someone to get rid of something that is bothering or hurting them.

Protruding teeth (too big, too long)

If you had very protruding teeth in your dream, it means that your luck is about to leave you. You need to act very rationally.

Teeth that are too long or too big in a dream also predict victory in a battle.

Artificial teeth (dentures)

Artificial teeth or dentures seen in a dream are a sign that you will receive help in a difficult situation. If you see your own dentures in a dream, be prepared to take on a great responsibility.

The meaning of the dream can also symbolise loss of joy, depression or even aggression. The dream can also mean that you are unable to defend your ideas, but that you will get help when you need it most.


The use of braces in a dream is a warning that it is time to put your ideas and projects into action. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Tooth root

If you saw the roots of a tooth in your dream, the Dreamer warns you that you shouldn’t ask for loans or take risks in gambling. It’s worth reviewing your spending and concentrating on what’s most important at the moment.



Healthy gums in a dream are synonymous with good health, but if your gums are blue, pale or red in a dream, it foretells a very difficult time. If they have a strange shape or colour, be prepared for misunderstandings at work.

Dream meaning: Tooth, teeth

  • White (beautiful) teeth – your wishes will soon be fulfilled.
  • Ugly teeth – you are worried about your appearance.
  • Dirty or broken teeth – take care of your health and that of your loved ones.
  • Baby teeth – the birth of a child in your family is possible
  • Growing tooth – something good is about to happen
  • Wisdom tooth – take care of your agreement at work
  • Golden tooth – beware of lies
  • Moving tooth – start thinking positively, turn to people
  • Broken tooth – take care of overdue business
  • Cracked tooth – be honest and fair
  • Falling tooth – fear the future, become pessimistic
  • Bleeding tooth – pay more attention to your health
  • Brushing your teeth – all obstacles will be overcome, you will regain peace of mind
  • Visit to the dentist – problems become a thing of the past
  • Toothache – follow your conscience
  • Extraction (removal) of a tooth – you may suffer damage
  • Pulling someone’s teeth – get rid of your anger
  • Protruding teeth (too big, too long) – you will win some kind of battle
  • Artificial teeth (dentures) – you will get help in a difficult situation.
  • Braces – put your ideas into practice
  • Tooth root – focus on what is most important
  • Gums – enjoy good health

Mystic Dreamer – Tooth, Teeth

This symbol can mean that you have unfulfilled sexual needs when you are awake.

The meaning of the dream tooth

If you dream of seeing someone with beautiful teeth, it means that you will make friends with wealthy and powerful people.

If you dream that you have beautiful teeth, it foretells that you will have a lot of luck in the near future.

If you dream of brushing your teeth, it means that in your waking life you are very attached to rules, which will make you disappear in a crowd and come across as a boring person.

If you dream that you have clean teeth, it means that you will be happy in marriage.

If you dream of someone with rotten or loose teeth, it is a sign that you are about to make an unpleasant acquaintance.

If you have dirty teeth, it foretells a bad streak that will soon begin in your life.


If you have broken or wobbly teeth, it foretells a material loss for you.

If you dream of your teeth being knocked out, it is a sign of tragedy in your family.

To see teeth falling out in your dream is a harbinger of someone’s or your own illness or accident.

If you have a tooth extracted, it foretells that someone will involve you in their problems.

If you dream that you have extracted a tooth yourself, it is a sign that some of your predictions will not come true.

A broken tooth is a sign of health problems for you.

If you dream that you have extracted someone else’s tooth, it means that you will benefit from someone else’s misfortune or problems.

If you are having a tooth filled, it is a sign of serious financial problems for you.


If you see false teeth in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious to be very careful because someone will try to cheat you.

If you dream that you have false teeth, it foretells that you will gain benefits that are only apparent.

A gold tooth appearing in your dream foretells prosperity for you.

Seeing a dentist at work in your dream foretells that a friend will help you in a difficult situation you are about to face or have already faced.

If you dream that you have a toothache, it is a sign that you will have to incur a large unexpected expense that will put a serious strain on your budget.

dream teethAssociation: – Independence, – power, – to feed ability and to communicate. Question: – Where in my life I am afraid of dependence? What would like I to say?

In general:

Tooth points to material and sexual needs. The exact meaning arises above all from the following accompanying circumstances:

    success and material profits promises

  • healthy teeth.
  • bad, loose or abusive teeth warn about failures and losses.
  • tooth seal asks not to edge out problems, but to solve.
  • pulling

  • Becoming to one a tooth, one must calculate on financial difficulties or disappointed expectations.
  • one can pull

  • Pulling one himself to another a tooth, from the problems of a person use or overcome an opposition.
  • wrong teeth can point to craving for recognition, vanity, false success or deception.
  • teeth point points out to the fact that one tries to intimidate others or to injure.


They crush our food which we take as an energy booster to ourselves. Aggressive forms the basis of this picture. Dental loss in the dream points to a special energy loss, in some cases even the power is endangered what demonstrates teeth also sexually knowingly. Thus Beißgelüste in the dream can conclude by the fact that one would like to eat up the partner before love. Losing has young girl in the dream her teeth, refers possibly to the loss of the Jungfernschaft or to inhibitions in the interpersonal area. The teeth which fall out in the dream can also point to feelings of guilt in the love. After the newest American researches they also deal something with the menopause with woman and man, above all if they are seen in several dreams of a person in the menopause one after the other. We still add to this modern view what Old-Egyptian dream researchers – but also Artemidoros – have marked to the picture of the abusive teeth: Misfortune appears, a member can die.


What concerns the interpretation of the teeth which admits a multiple regulation, a real understanding and Aristandros from Telmessos (from the historians Alexander of the tallness of often mentioned sign interpretes and foretellers of the Makkadonenkönigs has been compiled only during our days by completely few interpreters of dreams. He is the first surely dateable author who aimed at an unbelieving system at place of a more accidental example collection of dreams.) most and best directives has given. It behaves with it as follows: The upper teeth point to the better-off and state people in the house of the dreaming, lower on the small people. One has because mouth as a house to understand the teeth as the people in the house, – besides, call of the right row of men whom of the left women, – from this rule there are only few exceptions, e.g. if a brothel owner has taken only women’s room or a farmer only men in the service, – with these the right teeth older mean the young men or women con. Further the so-called incisors, i.e. the front teeth, the quite young people, the eyeteeth call people of middle age, the molars the elderly ones. Of which kind the tooth is which one dreams to lose, demenstprechend he will deplore the loss of a person whose symbol is he. Because the teeth mean not only people, but also the having and property, one has the molars on the valuables to cover the eyeteeth to the house devices. Quite consistently her falling out the loss shows one wears and good. (Herodot (about 494-425 B.C.) reports in the histories (book 6,107) about Hippias, the son of the Peisitratos that this had to sneeze during the preparations for the battle with marathon excessively strongly and cough and thereby a tooth herausstieß. This fell in the sand, and Hippias could not find him. He interpreted the process there that he will not conquer the country because his tooth owns now the part which would come up, actually, to him.) Then the teeth mean the necessities of life, namely the molars the confidential and inexpressible ones, the eyeteeth those which are known only to few people who are done incisors, however, the quite evident and by word and voice. Abusive teeth are therefore an obstacle in the satisfaction of the suitable needs. Now I want to go to the single one. Falling out some teeth repayment of the debts means to debtors. If somebody loses a tooth, he will clear away only to one believer or many all at once his debts, – he loses many, he will pay back to many Gläubigern or just one several times. If he feels with the failure no pains, he will erase his debts with the money which he has earned in diligent work, however, pains appear with the dental failure, he will have to sell something from his property. Unusual front teeth mean, one will reach at an enterprise with words nothing. If pains or loss of blood or loose solution of the gums still come, planned plans become totally crosses and thwarts, – it goes off without pains, it delays only for the time being their implementation. If all teeth fall out all at once, it means – however, only to the servants, open air and people who pursue no wholesale – that the whole house will become deserted, – nevertheless, however, the dream face Siechtum and consumption prophesies sick people, gives them the certainty that they will stay alive, – then without teeth one can take no strong food to himself, but only mash and juice, no dead loses his teeth. To a slave it promises the freedom if he has no teeth in the mouth. Either he will give to his man no more rent money (The Greek ones. Expression apophora calls the rent money or the firm delivery which the slave had to pay to his man from the income which he achieved in the craft production and from the sales of his products if to him were made available by Mr. Arbeitsräume and raw materials for the exercise of a trade.) as well as the teeth no food, or he is received from no one else more the food, is not nourished so as it were by the teeth any more, in any case, become free. This dream face promises quick sales of her goods to wholesalers, above all if these are transported. If some teeth increase or change her size, it announces by the loss of the regularity discord in the house of the dreaming. Against it becomes everybody who dreamt that they have lost her black or decayed or mutilated teeth, become free of every plague and any evil. Often some her old parents lost. To have ivory teeth each promises luck, – belletrists (Apuleius (born about 124 A.D.) demanded in the apology (cape. 7) that a speaker has white teeth.) if it indicates word skill, all other people domestic prosperity. Golden teeth (Important speakers led the epithet Chrysostomos = golden mouth, e.g., Dion von Prusa (about 40-120 A.D.) and Johannes from Antiocheia (about 345-407 A.D.) are only for belletrists of good premeaning, – her words will sound like from golden mouth, – they announce all others fire dangers in the house. Teeth from wax point to an abrupt death, – then one can chop up no food with them. Teeth from lead or tin mean forcible deaths to denial of the civil right and disgrace, teeth of glass or wood. However, silver teeth indicate big expenditures for board rounds monetary income by eloquence, to empires. If somebody dreams, he loses his old teeth and it new ones would grow again, a change approaches him in his living conditions, namely to the better if the second teeth are better than the first ones, to the worse if they are worse. If one dreams of having meat fibers, thorns or, otherwise, something between the teeth, this stops from speaking of urgent matters, and, moreover, prophesies shutdown of the shops. If one removes, however, in the dream such things from the mouth, the commercial stagnation will have an end, and the person concerned will reach something by eloquence. If somebody dreams, he takes his teeth if they fall out from the mouth, in the hands or in the lap, it means separation of the children, while these either remain in the parental home no longer or do not become big. If one vomits the teeth with his tongue, one will clear the difficulties appearing in the life by the power of his words. Everything what the emperor from his mouth gives, use will bring to the receiver in the form of imperial decisions. Chrysippos from Corinth which got two teeth from the mouth of the emperor in the dream arose on one single day in processes before the emperor by two imperial decisions as a winner. It dreamt somebody, he has in the bottom a mouth, in it big nice teeth, speaks by him, eats by him and helps himself his for all activities which come up, otherwise, to the mouth. The man had to leave the native country because of cheeky speeches and go to the exile. I save to myself to state the reasons, – then what happened to him, is natural and has his good reason.



    the brothers and sisters children and the more distant relatives mean

  • four next teeth after both front teeth. If one of these teeth has become ramshackle, fragile or ill, one of the called will fall ill. If the teeth are pulled, or they fall out, the death threatens them. If one dreams, it would have grown out between these teeth another, one of the bodily relatives will appear shortly in the house of the dreaming. If the new tooth loads the others, the aforesaid will be a burden to all, it improves in appearance of them, will be that his relatives an adornment and honour. If the called teeth have become nicer or more splendid, the dreamer will have fallen to the mentioned blood relation.
  • The eyeteeth to the same columns and pillars on which house and gender of the person rest and found afterwards God. If one dreams, such a tooth has broken, that will come, the pillar of the house and gender is, have without fail in mortal danger and no hope for rescue, – the tooth has become ramshackle or black, the person concerned will fall ill and suffer misery, soon, however, again scoop hope for rescue. If it seems to one, the eyetooth has become snow-white and nice, he will take in the aforesaid who carries house and gender his pleasure. If the tooth has become so long that he hinders with food and closing the mouth, that will be in way, the prop of house and gender is, be restraining and obstructive to the dreamer and all good, – however, shall be remedied such evil because a sticking out tooth can be easily filed off and be smoothed.
  • the destitute old men of the clan, namely the upper ones the male lower ones the female ones mean

  • The so-called grinders or molars. If one of these teeth wobbles, becomes black or hurts, threatens one of the mentioned affiliated illness, – he rots or breaks, the person concerned will waste away without hope for healing and die in poverty. If the teeth have become nicer or more splendid, the dreaming will have his fallen to the called. If one cleans to themselves the teeth, so that they become snow-white, he will prove to his related reliefs and equip them with clothes. If the teeth have become so long that they prevent chopping up the food, it means quarrel and processes in the relationship because of the inheritance.
  • agree: one will admire you, –
  • see more different which particularly strike: Friends, friends or members float in a danger, –
  • clarifies white ones own: indicate the entry of happy circumstances, –
  • nicely grown: healthy children, –
  • recovers: conclude by a lawsuit which one must carry on shortly, –
  • protrudingly: you keppelst with pleasure, –
  • irregularly grown: you do not know what you want, –
  • bad, defective ones: Malice and defamation try to damage to you, –
  • wrong ones: you must reach to aid, –
  • see themselves with loose ones: one fears his possession or member to lose, –
  • lose, in general: big annoyance and frustration, – also: Losses approach, –
  • lose without pain: the death of an extensive relative or friend, –
  • lose under pains: the death of close members of the family will sadden you.
  • a gold tooth: Falseness in circle of friends brings damage, –
  • golden ones: Wealth a little bit swankily, –
  • shop: a hardly gained profit, –
  • crunch: your rage is fair, however, the rest, –
  • keeps

  • grind on each other: you suppress your annoyance, –
  • clean: a thing must be considered thoroughly, –
  • seal: you retain integrity before big damage, –
  • hit: you deal with violent people, –
  • hold in the hand: you do not have to say at home a lot, –
  • do not find: you are laughed.

(European ones).:

  • as a sexual symbol to understand, – in general: if Li> indicates at a joyless meeting with illness or impertinent people,
  • a dental investigation: is a matter as a warning of letting prevail circumspection by shops which one is surrounded by enemies, – the teeth look and crooked, business will be destroyed and health charges be paused, –
  • clarifies teeth with others see: if promise well-to-do friends or friends, –
  • cleanly, nice, white ones have: means that one comes to favorable relations, distant health, friendship, prosperity, healthy children, – many advantages for the next time, –
  • the own admire because she knows and are nice: pleasant activities and a lot of joy expect, –
  • bad or loosens with others see: if brings an unbecoming acquaintance or connection, –
  • ramshackle or damaged have: indicate at material losses, – must count on defeats and bad news, –
  • very bad ones have: meant illness, depressions, misfortune and loss of the property, – failing of plans, – one of the worst signs, –
  • precipitates one: if Li> indicates at disagreeable news,
  • two fall out: if signal the incommodities which happen to one without own closing –
  • three fall out: there follow illness and very heavy accidents, –
  • everybody fall out, see losing: Misfortune, death in the family, – illness or external impediment, – also: means incommodities which injure the pride and cross shops, – famine, –
  • lose under pains: Moreover, death, – the front teeth should mean the children or the next members, –
  • spit: one himself or somebody from the narrowest family becomes ill, –
  • the upper teeth the male ones and the lower teeth the female children or relatives, – the right incisors are valid for the father, left for the mother, –
  • wrong teeth with others see: Warning before a trickster, –
  • even wrong ones have: you will experience a deception, – one will achieve a false profit, –
  • to themselves infuse one of the dentist: you will give up the traffic with a tiresome person, – one is dragged onto the plight of another, – become ill serious, it is no menacing, but a protracted illness, –
  • stretch one: if means a false speculation, –
  • stretch one and then lose him, with the tongue afterwards the hole in the mouth try to find without it and then the dentist without success asking to find it, is called: besides, one is to be started to leave a not pleasant thing and again, – to tackle later again and in petto – distrustfully from friends gazes – follow up, –
  • to another take off one: one will move from the predicament of another use, –
  • see how they are knocked out to one: if misfortune promises, – either one suffers business losses, or one deals with death or accidents, –
  • allow to seal: you will order your matters, – points to financial difficulties, while one plugs up a hole and tears open another, – also: one will get back to long Scherereien lost objects of value, –
  • clean: you strive yourself for others, – also: prophesies that one must make big efforts to preserve the property, –
  • see, like depositions, tartar from the teeth drops, so that she knows and healthy look: if passing indisposition promises, – afterwards one operates more prudently and finds satisfaction with the execution of the duties, –
  • believe, the dentist has cleaned the teeth extensively and the next morning they are brown again: one believes the interests what concerns to a certain person or position, are protected, – however, then one must find out that one has fallen victim to flatteries, –
  • agree: you will receive in a doubtful matter certainty, –
  • golden ones: Wealth, –
  • about one another grown: you will arrange confusion, –
  • feel Toothless: points to inability to represent own interests, – bad health will cross the plans, –
  • other see Toothless: is valid as a tip that opponents try unsuccessfully to deny to one, –
  • get a set of teeth: it will happen to a bad and one strives to escape this, –


    his blood relations mean

  • All teeth of the person, – foremost two point to the adult children, to the parents, brothers and sisters or the narrowest relatives. If one of these front teeth has become ramshackle, black or decayed, one of the called, namely the narrowest member, will become ill, – one of them precipitates, the person concerned will die, – one breaks, a relative will fall ill incurably. If both front teeth are, however, brilliantly knows or become more splendid, the next relatives will fascinate by charm and beauty. If one of these teeth has become big excessively, one of the called to the dreaming only bad and grief will cause.
  • Seeming it one that has burst between two front teeth third, so that he hinders the others in her growth, he will generate a son or pull a brother or a sister on his side to edge out the other relatives with her help or to clear up from the way.
  • infuse: is on the care before wrong person, –
  • wrong ones have: you will know what you do, –
  • allow to make: your diligence is well received, –
  • allow to seal: one will envy you, –
  • fall out: somebody will die to whom you are close very much –
  • white ones: protect your health, –
  • golden ones: you will succeed in your shops, now uses favorable opportunities.
  • some other way under (arab).

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