dream tentAssociation: – temporary Wohnstatt. Question: – With which natural part of myself, would like I to come again to connection?

In general:

A tent symbolises in the dream that the dreaming is on the move and cannot sit down and hit roots. Where always he wants to come to the rest, it will be only passing. Tent embodies a life building which is established on unsafe foundations and provides no security. This can also explain itself by adventurousness and carelessness. The tent sometimes asks to escape from all what hinders the selfdevelopment, satisfaction and joy of life.



Maybe the dreaming should win distance to everyday responsibilites for a certain period and rediscover his respect with the forces of the nature. It can help if he is selfundemanding and is dependent on nobody. We build up it in our dream as our house and are reminded by the unconscious to live in future conscious of nature. The tent is the roof over our head which wants to stimulate in some dreams to an easier thinking in the awake life.


At this level the meaning of the tent decreases in the dream to the biblical or nomadic symbol: It stands for the ability to break off any time the tents and to go away. The dreaming is bound to no place and can be in short time where he must be.



  • see: become ill, – also: passing states and adventurousness, – a glad, unbound time are before you,
  • tent camps enter: Dispersion in foreign circles find,
  • sleep in one: one will have to make himself calm on changes and under circumstances also on privations,
  • see themselves hineinkriechen: one will also find in a predicament hiding place.

(European ones).:

  • see: one wants to get out in the world, – undertake a long and adventurous trip, – announced that your present position is unsafe, – further that one is able to preserve satisfaction only at a small home,
  • live in one or sleep, – one will escape from an unnecessary ballast or prejudice and recognise thereby the beauty of the world, – on the other hand, it tells of the spit citizen an unsafe family life in, – prophesies changes, – one should be more sparing and more modest in the next time a little,
  • several tents: prophesy travelling with unpleasant friends,
  • torn or worn ones: it approach a difficulty,
  • creep in one: one will find in an emergency situation at somebody hiding place.


  • see: a long trip will lead you in the world, – you will lead a wall experience.

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