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Tassels drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Tassels :

dream tasselsTassel can promise success, honour and respect, but warn also about vanity and craving for administration. If one uses them to the powder, one indicates in terms of cosmetics.



  • see: a present receive, – also: one wants to demonstrate something, – care to you!
  • golden ones: a valuable present receive.

(European ones).:

  • receive happy visit, – many small presents will prepare for a joy,
  • shop: one could be more sparing,
  • see: the at the moment existing wish will come true, – one will come to honour and respect,
  • golden ones: bring wealth,
  • (powder puff): you are outwitted.


  • golden ones: your business decreases,
  • to the powder: one wants to outwit you.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Tassels

Tassels - dream interpretation and meaning
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