Tablecloth - dream meaning

Tablecloth drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Tablecloth :

dream tablecloth

  • knows and cleanly: To make request wedding, good times are in view,
  • stain: Annoyance and frustration,
  • cut: your marriage is in danger.

(European ones).:

  • see a clean one: the next time is especially favorable to complete his household or to found an own,
  • see a blotchy or dirty tablecloth or stain one: own household is affected anyhow, or such will still keep waiting long, – also: if Ungehorsamkeit of servants or children symbolises, – joy will make quarrel place,
  • tablecloths: one leads a good economy.


  • the dirty: Envy and hatred,
  • cut: Hostility.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Tablecloth

Tablecloth - dream interpretation and meaning
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