dream swimAssociation: – Admiration by feelings through, – often from a successful feeling accompanied, – emotions as a sphere. Question: – Which emotional state gives me deep satisfaction? For which emotional support do I look?

In general:

One feels carried from a wave of the life and in the harmony with himself and other. Swimming in the dream stands in narrow connection with disappearing. If the dreaming swims upstream, this is a sign for the fact that he acts against his nature. Swimming fish symbolise seed and, hence, the wish for his pregnancy. If the dreaming is in clear water, he goes through a cleansing process. If he swims, however, in dark water, this one depression could symbolise. Swimming (swimmer) can refer to unaware instincts, desires and feelings with which one either lives in harmony or stands in contradiction. According to the other accompanying circumstances the above all following special meanings arise:

  • swimming in the clear water stands in general for success and luck.
  • swimming in murky or stormy water announces problems and failures.
  • with others swim points out to the fact that one needs advice and help in a matter.
  • the non-swimmer who sets in the water can point to a danger by contents of the unconscious if these break through in the consciousness.


It depends with the interpretation on whether one swims in the dream in clear or murky water. Clear water means success on the life by initiative or the swimming in the luck, murky the aimlessness with which one goes through the life. The swimming which walks along with the fear of the setting circumscribes the fear that one could get in the awake life at the work ‘in the swimming’. Water and swimming always deals something with the feelings of the dreaming. If he ‘swims’ by the air, this stands in connection with intellectual abilities. If he is in the dream a good swimmer, this his talent points to use an emotionally charged situation certainly. If the dreaming is a bad swimmer, this could refer to the fact that he must learn to handle more positively with his feelings. The dreams in which the swimming is felt as pleasant are valid as a token for the balance and relaxation of the dreaming as well as for his good self-esteem. If he feels especially happy because he is in the water, this picture admits an erotic interpretation in the farthest sense. If the dreaming is afraid, however, of the water or swimming, this is a symbol for his insecurity, his tensions and problems. With the dream interpretation must be also considered which kind of waters it concerns. Also colour and state of the water give explanation.


At the spiritual level swimming symbolises in the dream rising, maybe even a drowning in feelings. However, feelings are in the human existence only one aspect beside many other and may be neither undervalued nor be overrated.



  • in pure, clear water: happy progress of your shops, – you will live without worries,
  • in the pond: small joys with obstacles,
  • in the lake: nice new acquaintances make,
  • in the sea: you will go on a big trip,
  • with a wave have to fight: it will be good not to let discourage from a difficult job,
  • and set: you will succumb to the misfortune,
  • in quite level water: a laborious life.
  • in murky water: Incommodities suffer, – Widerwärtigkeiten,
  • in tearing water: you will commit a daring prank,
  • and somebody save: you will escape a menacing danger,
  • see swimming themselves: one will well make headway if one can be carried from this element,
  • see themselves in the clear water: your wish comes true, – success in dear things,
  • see themselves in murky ones: Evil and illness approaches.

(European ones).:

  • in clear water: Luck and good shops, – one will reach to the aim,
  • and set: Misfortune, – it is prophesied to a big discontent,
  • swim under water: if fears and fights forecast,
  • in murky water: Fear and worries,
  • besides,

  • fight against waves: one should not be discouraged from upcoming difficult duties,
  • others see swimming: in a matter one must consult with others,
  • see swimming a baby: points to a happy escaped from an affair,
  • Swimming a woman with a friend who swims brilliantly she is loved for her charm. Their small dear affairs are patient by her friends.
  • she has

  • Swimming a woman in the nude in the clear water, affairs, – for it it is punished with illness and the loss of her charms. If she sees swimming naked men in the clear water, this prophesies many admirers. If the water is dirty, a jealous admirer will slander them.


  • in bright water: Luck and health,
  • in murky water: you will be able to explain your plan only laboriously,
  • and set: you will receive a punishment,
  • see: you will receive the desired,
  • and to the aim come: you will receive a recognition,
  • and not to the aim come: watch out for bad people,
  • and by the storm are threatened: your worries are big,
  • and disappear: you must wisely go forward if you want to be man of the situation,
  • and with a fish must fight: one wants to add to you of wrong,
  • with a saved: one wants to lure you into a trap,
  • beside a ship, – one will bring you help,
  • with swell: tries to control you,
  • and, besides, by people are hindered: one wants to slander you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Swim

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