dream soapAssociation: – Cleaning, purification. Question: – Must I whitewash myself from something?

In general:

Soap in the dream stands for cleaning. The dreaming must possibly create pure surroundings for himself what concerns also adequate behaviour. Soap registers that one should whitewash himself from a suspicion or a guilt. If one uses them for washing, one must often count also on cunning and defamation. In sexual dreams soap can also symbolise the seminal liquid.



With the soap the dreamer should not be reminded possibly of bigger cleanliness in the everyday life. From deliberate experience we know that it can easily glide from the hands what translates – – which circumscribes impossibility to bring a matter in the pure one because we cannot grasp her range yet. Soap can also show the need of the dreaming, come up with itself in the pure one. He maybe feels on account of a certain experience or a concrete situation dirty, and the dream draws the attention of him to the need to argue with it. If we are soaped in the dream of somebody, a person probably wants to do down us in the awake life, – vice versa this can just be if we soap somebody.


At the spiritual level soap in the dream means the freeing from a flaw from the past.



  • soap: you want to lie to somebody,
  • hineinbeißen: you are yourself the cheated,
  • with soap the hands wash: you have a deep guilt which depresses you.

(European ones).:

  • one feels unsound and tried to defend itself, – care before cunning, – also: Friendship will develop to interesting entertainment possibilities, – success,
  • waves to farmer

  • see: sends a reminder to pay attention to his call, – also: an unexpected meeting will entail a solution of the matters which have confused up to now,
  • leave unused: if brings complicated history,
  • use: your matters will well form, – one is suspected for no reason,
  • with it the hands wash: a deep guilt depresses to one for which one should make up as soon as possible,
  • Taking a young woman a soap bath, she can call in future substantial and remunerative abilities to her own.


  • see: you will order muddled shops,
  • shop: good household,
  • use: you stroll on slippery ways.

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