A dream about a seal is a good sign because it heralds a period of happiness and prosperity. Many joys will appear in your life. However, you must rely on your inner strength to move on.

Seal dreambook

A dream about seals can be associated with fun and creativity. It can also mean that you need more free time. You will be very successful if you know how to use your creativity.


The dream can also mean fear of loneliness or failure. Work through your lack of confidence and try to get closer to people who are kind to you. Talk to them.

Dream about a seal

To see a seal

A dream that you see a seal signifies joy and happiness. It is time to let go of the traumas of the past and everything that prevents you from growing.

Understand the real reason for things. Not everything that shines is gold.

The dream meaning shows that you are a kind person, which can make you a target of bad people who want to take advantage of this.

Another dream meaning may suggest that you are striving for social isolation. The dreambook advises to fight this tendency. Go out to people, and surround yourself with those you feel comfortable around.

To touch a seal

You are close to achieving success. However, you will have to face many problems before you reach it. It is important to be persistent and solve longstanding problems. It may take a little longer than you think, but the goal will be achieved.


This dream also shows that you need to beware of people who are jealous of you.

Swimming with a seal

The dream that you are swimming with a seal means financial success. You need to act because the goal is close. Perhaps you should take a risk.

The meaning of the dream says that you will get involved in a situation, trying to keep up with someone who is not very interested in your help. You may want to back off.

A large seal

A dream about a large seal signifies a moment of abundance. At the same time, it indicates some problems related to your pride. You have a lot to gain if you look at things realistically and have a little more humility. With prosperity also comes responsibility. Listen to the people around you more often. They can help you.

The dreambook states that you take on too many things at once, you will not be able to fulfill all your promises. Do your part, but learn to wait for the right time to do a certain thing.

A small seal

A dream about a small seal signifies a moment of disappointment followed by intense joy. Be prepared for difficult times, and don’t let minor difficulties shake you. Adjust yourself to the situation. It will be worth it to go through it all. Don’t be afraid of disappointment. Success will come anyway. Take the opportunity to get to know yourself better and strengthen your inner self.

Seal pup (young seal)

A dream about a seal pup signifies good times for business. The dreambook encourages signing a contract, asking your boss for a raise, and starting a new venture. Remember, however, that success does not come without work. Be disciplined. Be cautious during negotiations. With small steps, you will reach your goal faster.

A white seal

A dream about a white seal signifies a time of peace in your life. However, you will have to make choices to keep the peace you so desire.


Watch the people around you and get rid of toxic relationships. Don’t waste time on things that are harmful or unnecessary. Remember that everything can change tomorrow.

A dream about a white seal foretells a wedding in your family. It can also signify a happy and long life by your partner’s side.

Several seals (herd of seals)

The meaning of the dream says that you try to do everything yourself and do not ask for help. Get rid of this pride and let others also show off their talents. You need to stop wanting to control everything and be more willing to help.

It is important to always surround yourself with good people who want what is good for you and talented people who can do the jobs you cannot.

A dream about several seals also symbolizes a period of successful social life. You can travel or meet new people and enjoy meetings with old friends and family.

Playing seal

The meaning of the dream informs you that your inner child is trying to express itself. Don’t be ashamed that you want to laugh, play and meet with friends. The dream foretells joy. Enjoy the moment and your life. Fight for the best, but don’t be blind to the other pleasures in life.

A swimming seal

The dreambook foretells a lot of happiness and abundance. Invest in the future and in yourself. Live your life and enjoy this wave of happiness! However, do not close yourself to the world because nothing lasts forever.

Seal moving on land

The dream means good luck in love and business.


If the seal moves fast, Dreambook advises you to adjust to life’s problems to be ready for a transformation. Show more compassion and humility. It is important to chase your dreams no matter what.

If a seal ran after you in a dream, it is a sign to get out of the situation as soon as possible.

Seal jumping into the sea

The dream means that you will have to make a decision. This decision can be very risky, but it can also bring a lot of benefits. It is important to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the situation. Momentum requires courage and discernment.

The dream also foretells recognition and new opportunities at work. It could be a new project, a promotion, a raise, or even a new job.

Seal coming out of the water

The dream foretells a career opportunity or personal life development. This event will change your life. Keep your eyes open, so you don’t miss this opportunity.

Seal on the beach

A dream about seals sitting on the beach signifies the need to take care of yourself. Concentrate on your needs, and forget about problems that do not concern you. Do not hesitate to leave those who hurt you.

Sleeping seal

A dream about a sleeping seal means a moment of rest. It can be stagnant, but also a moment to breathe before a bigger challenge. Make good use of this time.

A dream about a sleeping seal shows that you lack energy and vitality because of the problems and stress you are facing. Take a moment for yourself and relax. Go out with friends or do something that gives you pleasure.


The meaning of the dream may also reveal that you have power that you are not using.

Seal eating a meal

The dreambook warns that someone may steal something from you or deprive you of something valuable, such as destroying a friendship or depriving you of a job. Say “no” when necessary and have the courage to decide about your life. Believe in your inner strength. The time has come to move forward and impose your will.

Friendly (calm) seal

A dream about a friendly seal signifies the need for peace and love. Often we do not enjoy small things as we should.

Sometimes jealous people want to take away our peace of mind. Try to open up and talk more with the people you love. Live your own life and enjoy it.

The dreambook states that you need to find the right way to express your opinions.

You may be an insecure person who needs to gain self-confidence, or you will have to be less arrogant in order not to push away people who like you.

Pregnant seal

A dream about a pregnant seal signifies the beginning of a new cycle. This will be a very happy stage in your life. The dreambook also foretells success, but you must be vigilant to not miss the opportunity. You should also take more care of yourself.

A pregnant woman having this dream will have a peaceful delivery.


Seal attack

The dream is usually associated with emotions or finances. It is important to face the problem.

Take care of yourself. You need to relax and like yourself. Attacking a seal in a dream means that happiness is for those who take care of themselves and those who love themselves.

Being kind does not mean that you always have to agree to everything. You should learn to say no.

Shark attacking a seal

A dream about sharks attacking a seal means a threat from the outside. Be discreet and stay with those you really trust. This is a good time to stay with your family and enjoy your friends away from the world.

Dying seal

The dream is a call for you to live with joy and peace. However, never forget to enjoy your friends and family. Fight for your own when necessary.

You may already feel the need to change, and you may even be trying to take some steps in that direction, but it’s still not enough.

Try to change your attitude, get involved in something else, and get advice from friends. The important thing is to move forward.

To hurt a seal

The meaning of the dream encourages you to change your habits. Don’t go back to the same mistakes. Give up your routine. The old habits make it difficult for you to get what you want.


Another meaning of the dream warns that there are people who want to hurt you. This could be someone at work or a friend or family member. Be vigilant.

To kill a seal

Killing a seal in your dream means that you are harming yourself. Start respecting and appreciating yourself, and take care of your well-being.

The dream predicts unpleasant events in the personal and professional spheres. You will probably have to face difficult situations. Try to stay alert and try to correct what you think is wrong.

Dead seal

A dream about a dead seal warns you to change your life so you can get out of the situation you are in. Perhaps you have missed a good opportunity. Tough luck, don’t break down but be alert so you don’t miss another.

Seal in an aquarium

The meaning of the dream reveals that you feel trapped. Maybe you are not comfortable in your relationship, maybe at work. It is important to get out of this situation.

The dream may also signify your need to feel secure. Do not neglect those who love you and want your welfare. However, you must not give in completely to the will of others. You also need personal freedom. Maintain control over your own life.

Seal in the pool

The dream about seals in the pool means that your life is changing. The pool is a symbol of success.

The dreambook assures you that everything will return to its place. It is time to look to the future and correct past mistakes. You need to ask yourself what you really want from life.


Seal in the circus

The dreambook recommends that you review your relationships and warns that someone is taking advantage of you. Don’t let people control your life as they, please. Don’t feel disappointed if reality doesn’t match what you imagined. It’s better to know what’s really going on than to spend a lifetime lying to yourself.

Look for the child inside you who is lost. It’s time to live lightly and happily and free yourself from toxic relationships.

The dream can also herald a period of overcoming – difficulties, problems, and illness.

Seal in the zoo

A dream about a seal in a zoo means a bad situation, but thanks to your perseverance, what is bad will be overcome. The meaning of the dream suggests that now is not the time to rest. It is the time to fight. Gather all your strength, and it will be a victory you will never forget.

Don’t get carried away by easy paths and false promises. Now is the time to get organized. Don’t forget your family and friends who support you so much.

Seal skin

A dream about seal skin means someone is trying to steal something from you. Don’t trust everyone. It’s time to clean up relationships. Not every friendship has to be forever.

The dreambook advises you to focus less on material things. Live in the moment.

If in a dream, you covered yourself with seal skin, it is a sign that you need help, but you will have the advice and support of someone important.


The dream also symbolizes the power of creative energy that exists in each of us. Be calm and patient, and don’t pretend to be someone else.

Dream meaning: seal

  • To see a seal – free yourself from the traumas of the past
  • Touch a seal – be persistent in pursuit of a goal
  • Swim with a seal – take action
  • A large seal – you take on too many things at once
  • Small seal – joy will come soon
  • Seal pup (young seal) – good times are coming for business
  • A white seal – don’t waste time on what is harmful or unnecessary
  • Several seals (herd of seals) – stop controlling everything
  • Playing seal – enjoy the moment and your life
  • A swimming seal – invest in yourself
  • A seal moving on land – show more compassion and humility
  • Seal jumping into the sea – you will have to make a decision
  • Seal coming out of the water – don’t miss the chance for change
  • Seal on the beach – focus on your needs
  • Sleeping seal – rest, do something that gives you pleasure
  • Seal eating a meal – someone may deprive you of something valuable
  • Friendly (calm) seal – live your life and enjoy it
  • Pregnant seal – the beginning of a new period in your life is coming
  • Seal attack – take care of yourself
  • Shark attacking a seal – be with your loved ones away from the world
  • Dying seal – fight for your own when necessary
  • Hurt a seal – change your habits
  • Kill a seal – start respecting yourself
  • Dead seal – you should change the situation you are in
  • Seal in an aquarium – you feel trapped, limited
  • Seal in a pool – your life is changing for the better
  • Seal in a circus – someone is taking advantage of you
  • Seal in a zoo – don’t get carried away by false promises
  • Seal skin – focus less on material things

Mystic dreambook – seal

Overall, this symbol can mean that you are facing an inauspicious period in the emotional sphere, and you will be exposed to some emotionally based problems. It can also signify that you are facing some serious setback, after which it will most likely be difficult for you to recover and find the motivation to move on.

Meaning of the dream seal

If you dream that you are killing a seal, it means that you will manage to cope well with some problems.

A swimming seal in a woman’s dream can foretell that she will soon explore her personality to the fullest and discover what she really is. This discovery can be very surprising for her.

On the other hand, this symbol in a man’s dream means that he will soon succeed in finding a woman with whom he will bestow sincere love, and the feeling will be reciprocated.

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