dream summerAssociation: – Cycle of the fertility, – growth fullness. Question: – What do I produce?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Quick growth, – fulfilment, – fertility. Description: Summer is the season in which the earth and all her children are subjected to a quick growth. It is the time in which the flowers of the spring change to the fruits of the summer in which the things of a test state go over in a final form. It is a fertile time of the birth and the growth. General meaning: Quick growth, – a fertile part of your life, – the ability to achieve your aims. Association: Light clothing, – warm evenings, – vacation. Transcendent meaning: A revelation of results of the spiritual work which you have performed till present.


In general:

If the dreaming notes that in his dream summer is, this refers to the fact that a good time has begun in his life. It is soon in the time to run the harvest of those projects which have well developed and to grant themselves a little rest. Summer stands for energy, energy and personal maturity, in the other sense for the harvest of the life which one should introduce and protect, before the autumn begins.


The summer can be understood as a picture for maturity or for the middle of the life. The positive effects of the sun on the person are known, therefore, it also certainly does not surprise that the sunniest season stands as a symbol for energy, perseverance, Tatkräftigkeit and striving for success. The dreaming has to bring at least the wish high achievements. With the summer picture it is indicated for the awake life that became a little bit ripe, maybe the wise restraint circumscribes compared with the environment, however, a matter is also possibly ripe to be cleared. The summer in the dream embodies on the one hand forthcoming vacation and fun and with it suitable relaxation. On the other hand the dreaming has the opportunity to meet other people and to produce new connections.


At this level the summer shows the life middle. The first spiritual success appears, and the remaining lifetime can be planned.



  • means a very favorable time of the creativity, – one will soon be able to harvest the fruits of his work and have in addition opportunity to begin new enterprises, – also: Luck and harmony in the love,
  • a summery scenery: one is of full confidence that in the occupation and in the present period of life no disturbances appear.

(European ones).:

  • power information like in spring, autumn and winter, – seasons explain periods in the life, – in winter of the summer is to be dreamt a good sign, however, not at other seasons. Many occur lie on the way.


  • see: good shops.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Summer

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