A dream about the sea usually means change, the arrival of something new, but also reassurance, finding a solution to a problem, your place on the ground, and regaining a sense of freedom. The dream can also be an expression of your life situation in which you find yourself.

Dreambook sea

A dream about the sea

Calm sea

The dream indicates moments of great happiness, peace, and quiet. Your family life also shows promise. Take time with your loved ones, and many things will become clear, and relationships will strengthen. Enjoy moments with your family.


Stormy sea (storm)

This dream is a warning for you to be more calm and understanding with those closest to you. Dreambook predicts that you are facing a period fraught with arguments in your family. Try not to get involved in this conflict.

This dream represents a lot of struggles that you will have to face, and strengthen yourself to overcome many obstacles. Dreambook advises you to keep a strong will and positive thinking.

Blue sea

Dreambook predicts that surprising surprises await you in the coming days. Bright blue symbolizes peace and harmony. Good times are coming and bring plenty of happiness.

Deep sea

You have the feeling that you are stuck. Nothing is happening in your life. It is necessary to seek new adventures and goals to move forward. Make changes, and be proactive.

Sea water (clear water)

A dream about sea water carries such meanings as inner strength and spiritual development. Dreambook hints that family harmony, love, and peace will prevail in your home.

Sea of mud (dirty water)

The dream meaning suggests that unresolved problems from the past may return, significantly affecting your life now. Don’t lose patience, finally solve all issues and you will breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t try to ignore the problem again.


Turbulent waves (big waves)

Beware of family misunderstandings, you must be ready to face them. The dream warns you of emotions, conflicting situations, and nerves that can spoil a lot in your life. Approach these matters sensibly and do not get caught up in family conflicts.

Prepare yourself, because great transformations await you, perhaps in the financial, professional, or perhaps personal sphere. You may now find a new love or fulfill your dreams. Act wisely and don’t miss any opportunity that comes your way.

Storm at sea

You are experiencing problems that are cluttering your mind and taking away your peace of mind. You need to find some kind of refuge to calm down and get away from the world.

The sea flooding the beach (waves on the beach, water coming in)

You will need to pay more attention to people who want to thwart your life plans out of jealousy. Don’t get carried away by your emotions and don’t disregard what others say to you. Avoid gossip.

The sea flooding the beach shows the influence of people on your life. Don’t let others decide for you or dominate you.

The beach and the sea

You should reflect on your own life. Revise your plans and aspirations and be sure to take time for yourself. If something doesn’t satisfy you, change it. Now is a good time to do so.

Frozen sea

Stop blaming yourself for what has passed. You can’t change the past anymore. Create your future.


The frozen sea symbolizes your defensive attitude, you are trying to protect yourself from something that affects your life.

Sea of fire (burning sea)

This dream indicates strength and abundance, you will be victorious in everything that seems difficult for you today.

Another meaning of the dream predicts a warm feeling.

Red sea

Think well before taking action. Something is preventing you from focusing and consequently affecting your feelings. If you are in a new relationship, avoid unnecessary suffering and insinuations.

Sea and ship (ship at sea)

If the ship in your dream is sailing on a calm sea, the dream signifies stability and peace. If the ship is sailing in an unknown direction, Dreambook warns you against making ill-considered decisions. A ship that is not sailing is anchored, it is a symbol of stability, finding a solution to a difficult matter or ending your search, wandering.


If in your dream you saw a pier, it may mean that you long for rest. The dream can also be a symbol of travel or dreams – especially if the pier is long. A beautiful view of a pier at sunset Dreambook translates as spiritual transformation and mental renewal. It is a time to clear your thoughts and cut off bad emotions, to regenerate your strength.

To swim in the sea

Swimming in the sea means facing problems, don’t worry – everything will soon return to normal. Although you put a lot of effort into what you are doing, you will reach your destination.

To drown, to sink in the sea

You are most likely facing problems in your life that affect your interpersonal relationships. It is necessary to stop and put everything in order. Try not to let problems in your personal life make you feel lost.


Dream meaning: sea

  • Calm sea – enjoy the moments with your family
  • Stormy sea (storm) – be more understanding with your loved ones
  • Blue sea – nice surprises are coming
  • Deep sea – set new goals, be active
  • Sea water (clean water) – family harmony will prevail in your home
  • Sea of mud (dirty water) – unresolved problems from the past may return
  • Stormy waves (big waves) – avoid family misunderstandings
  • Storm at sea – calm down and find peace of mind
  • Sea flooding the beach (waves on the beach, water coming in) – don’t let others decide for you
  • Beach and sea – verify plans and aspirations, find time for yourself
  • Frozen sea – don’t blame yourself for the past
  • Sea of fire (burning sea) – you will overcome problems
  • Red sea – something or someone is affecting your feelings
  • Sea and ship (ship at sea) – stability and peace in your life is coming
  • Pier – you long for rest
  • To swim in the sea – it costs you plenty of effort to overcome problems
  • To drown, to sink in the sea – stop and solve your problems

Dreambook mystical – sea

Overall, this symbol may foretell for you some changes that will soon dawn in your life.

  • When you look at a calm sea in your dream, it means that good times are coming for you.
  • A stormy sea foretells that you will soon have to fight some hard battle.
  • Bathing in the sea signals that you are about to have a momentary break from your daily worries and cares, and this can significantly boost your mood.
  • When you dream that you have fallen into the sea, it is a sign that you may soon face a great blow from fate.
  • Drowning in the sea foretells that some misfortune will soon befall you due to your own recklessness.
  • If you dream that you are swimming in the sea, it is a sign from your subconscious to take a risk in some matter.
  • When you dream that you fall underwater and drown, it is a sign that someone or something will rescue you from serious trouble.
  • If you see a ship at sea in your dream, it means that you do not have to completely abandon your plans, but you need to think them over carefully and perhaps modify them slightly.
  • A sea robber or pirate appearing in your dream foretells that you will succeed in achieving some of your goals.
  • When you dream of a sea battle, it is a sign that your work will give you great satisfaction.
  • The Mediterranean Sea foretells riches for you, which, however, will only become yours in the further future.

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