Dreams in which suitcases appear indicate positive things. Changes and challenges may occur, but all these potential problems will be overcome. They are meant to guide you to improve the situation. You need to focus on solving problems.

Dream meaning suitcase

Suitcases in a dream foretell prosperity. New opportunities and the moment of rebirth can completely change the way you think and act.


Seeing a suitcase

If you see a suitcase in your dream, you will spend more time with friends and family. There are peaceful, happy moments ahead.

The dream can also mean a departure that will change your life for the better. It’s better to get away from someone you don’t trust than to stay with them in spite of yourself.

The dreamer is telling you that this dream is a sign that all the secrets and knowledge you have must be used to take the next steps you need to take. Although you may feel that what is happening is a burden, positive things will come out of it.

Standing (lying) suitcase

This dream symbolizes the end of a cycle. There are new challenges and events that will serve your development. Open yourself to the new.

Handy suitcase

The dream indicates that you need to take time to evaluate what you really need in life. Worrying about things you don’t need can lead you astray. Leave behind what no longer serves you.

Small suitcase

A dream about a small suitcase indicates that you have a lot of doubts about love. You think a lot about the past and former partners or unhappy love. The dreamer’s advice is to focus on the present and change your life, but think carefully about each step. Let your happiness guide you.


Large suitcase

A dream about a large suitcase indicates your love for work. You love to work and you love your job. But don’t let work dominate your daily life. You need to regain balance and stability in your life.

New suitcase

A dream about a new suitcase foretells new friendships. People you don’t know yet will become important in your life. New friends will help you grow, change the way you see some facts and events.

A new suitcase in a dream indicates the birth of new opportunities, good times. It can also be a sign of rebirth, so you should plan for the future. Your finances should also improve.

Old suitcase

A dream about an old suitcase indicates a fear that you will not be able to achieve your goals. Things don’t always go our way, so it’s important to accept setbacks. Fight for everything you love and care about and don’t give in to doubt. The Dreamer predicts that you will take the first steps towards success. You will have the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional. Fear of failure or not knowing what might happen is a major limiting factor for people, so don’t let fear limit you.
Achieving your goals is closer than you think.

Full suitcase

The sight of a full suitcase is a harbinger of prosperity. A positive change awaits you that will improve your material status and well-being. Make good use of the coming moments, for nothing lasts forever.

Empty suitcase

An empty suitcase in a dream indicates the resolution of problems or the emergence of new opportunities. The dreamer advises you not to give in easily to worries and stress, because the problems you are experiencing can be solved.

It’s time to look for effective solutions instead of creating imaginary problems.

Packing a suitcase

The dream of packing a suitcase indicates your fear of lack of progress, lack of personal development. You believe that stagnation is the worst thing that can happen to you. The dreamer, however, argues that lack of progress should not be a cause for fear. You must accept that you can only control part of life. So focus more on what you can do and change.


If in a dream you are packing a suitcase, someone far away will soon return.

The dream foretells changes. New experiences and opportunities are coming.

If you’re packing someone’s suitcase in a dream, the meaning of the dream is jealousy. Your admiration for someone is turning into jealousy, and jealousy should be avoided at all costs. You should be able to control yourself. Accept that sometimes others are better than you. Packing someone else’s suitcase is also a warning not to trust others.

If you have packed your own suitcase, try to think positively and you will live in joy.

If you see someone else packing a suitcase in your dream, you may be unhappy with your partner.

Unpacking a suitcase

Unpacking a suitcase in a dream is a harbinger that a new love will appear in your life. Be careful not to miss it, as this is a chance for a long and successful relationship.

Carrying a suitcase

The dream indicates that things are about to change for the better. There is a chance to build something important for your future and to be happy.

If someone else is carrying a suitcase in your dream, the dreamer believes that you are afraid of the future. It’s a big problem for you if you can’t have everything under control.


To lose a suitcase

A dream that you have lost your suitcase means more responsibilities. You will receive more responsibilities in the next few days. This is a positive event, but you must remember that it will bring more responsibilities that you will have to take on.

Losing a suitcase is also a sign that you will receive money that you did not expect.

A lost suitcase in a dream can mean misfortune, but also that you will be able to overcome obstacles. Just calm down and concentrate on thinking of real solutions to your problems.

Finding a suitcase

If you manage to find your lost luggage in your dream, you will be able to overcome some difficulties at work. The dream also foretells that a friend who has been absent from your life for some time will return.

Clutter in a suitcase

This dream means loneliness. You are unable to open up to people, which is bad for you. Open up to the world and new opportunities will open up for you.

Suitcase full of water (water in a suitcase).

A dream about a suitcase full of water means clear boundaries. The meaning of the dream suggests that something is not going according to plan. Keep a positive attitude about yourself. Change the way you do things and don’t give up easily.

Dreams involving a suitcase full of water are a clear warning that you are behaving badly and causing problems for other people. You should think about whether it’s worth causing so many misunderstandings. Don’t waste your time on the wrong things. Think more about the reasons that make you behave that way.

Suitcase full of food

A dream about a suitcase full of food has a strong connection with career ambitions. Your will to grow is strong and you are on the right track to achieve your next professional goals.


Seeing a suitcase full of food in your dreams is a sign that you are experiencing moments of imbalance and need to find harmony in and around your life.

If you have recently met someone, you may be infatuated with them, but it is time to put yourself first.

Suitcase with objects, trinkets

This dream symbolizes abundance. There is an opportunity ahead of you to build what you have always wanted. Your dreams can come true. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Your future depends on you.

Suitcase of money

A dream about a suitcase full of money indicates financial gains. This type of dream indicates that you are on the right track in developing your business. The dreamer warns, “Don’t let money change your way of being. You must remain true to yourself.

A dream in which you have a suitcase full of money also indicates that you are working hard for something and are getting discouraged. Difficulties are many and you feel lonely, but the dreamer assures you that these problems will soon be solved.

Suitcase full of dollars

A dream about a suitcase full of dollars represents greed. Wanting to grow is one thing, but putting money above everything will never be a positive option. It is important that you are able to provide a sense of peace and security for yourself and those you love. Do everything in your power to build a future that is more positive, with more gains than losses. However, financial value cannot be the only value of your life.

Suitcase full of clothes

A dream about a suitcase full of clothes indicates a lot of professional doubts. You don’t know exactly where to go or what path to take. Because of this you feel a little lost. You feel that your future is uncertain and that things may not go as planned. Reject unfounded fears. Make reasonable decisions.

If you dream of a suitcase full of clothes, you may gain access to some information when you wake up that you may not be aware of. This dream indicates that your actions are aimed at filling a void in your life. Striving for independence and responsibility should be your main goal now.


Suitcase with dirty clothes

This dream suggests that you will have to overcome life’s challenges. The good news is that these problems will be easily solved. It is up to you to keep faith in better days in order to build a more solid future.

Suitcase of shoes

A dream about a suitcase full of shoes reveals bad decisions made in the past. You have probably made many choices that you now regret. Don’t let life’s limitations keep you from achieving what you want most.

Black suitcase

A dream about a black suitcase indicates your ability to renew yourself. It is important to maintain this ability in the face of problems. The ability to accept unforeseen events and to renew oneself is something very important for everyone.

A dream about a large black suitcase indicates that you are a person who can convince others of almost anything. Your ability to talk to people makes your future look very bright.

To be in a suitcase

To dream that you are in a suitcase indicates that you are stuck and feel isolated in a certain environment. You feel that things are not going according to plan. Deep down you feel that the choices you have made in the past have led you to this negative stage and you blame yourself for everything. You should not harbor such feelings.

What does the dream of a suitcase mean?

  • Seeing a suitcase – you will spend more time with friends and family
  • A standing (lying) suitcase – new challenges are ahead of you
  • Carry-on suitcase – leaving behind what no longer serves you
  • Small suitcase – focus on the present and change your life
  • Big suitcase – regain your balance
  • New suitcase – new friends will help you grow and change
  • Old suitcase – you are afraid of failure
  • Full suitcase – positive changes are coming
  • Empty suitcase – new opportunities are coming
  • Packing suitcase – you are full of fears and anxieties
  • Unpacking a suitcase – new love will appear
  • Carrying a suitcase – things will change for the better
  • Unpacking a suitcase – you want to grow
  • Scanning a suitcase – you want to change the way you live
  • Stolen suitcase – there is a false friend near you
  • Losing a suitcase – you are getting more responsibilities
  • Finding a suitcase – difficulties at work will be overcome
  • Confusion in a suitcase – open yourself to the world
  • Suitcase with water (water in suitcase) – don’t give up so easily
  • Suitcase with food (suitcase full of food) – you need to find balance in your life
  • Suitcase with objects, trinkets – your dreams can come true
  • Suitcase with money – financial gains are coming
  • Suitcase with dollars – don’t be greedy
  • Suitcase with clothes – you feel lost, insecure
  • Suitcase with dirty clothes – you will have to overcome life’s challenges
  • Suitcase with shoes – you regret decisions you made a long time ago
  • Black suitcase – accept what fate brings
  • Being in a suitcase – you feel isolated

Mystic dream meaning: Suitcase

Seeing or buying a suitcase in a dream is a sign that you will soon learn a secret.

The meaning of the dream suitcase

If you see an open suitcase, it is a signal from your subconscious that if you are not careful, you may fall victim to theft.

If you dream that you have been given a suitcase, it means that you are in for a pleasant surprise.


Packing a suitcase in your dream foretells that you will have to postpone a planned trip because you will have problems at work.

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