dream squareAssociation: – Stability, – matter, – sudden change. Question: – What is sure in my life? At which places does my stability get in staggering?

In general:

Square can indicate internal firmness and rest, now and again also Pedanterie and lack of creativity.



As an ideal, equilateral rectangle the square is an entirety symbol. It symbolises mental balance. Appearance in the dream at the same time squares and circles, this is to be solved a picture for the ‘quadrature of the Kreises’, so for the impossibility, a certain problem. A rectangle points to the too strong self-centredness of the dreaming. If it is stretched in the dream not upwards, but in the width, this is called that the personality of the dreaming lacks depth. Is able to do also symbol for the place (possibly the boxing ring!) where also even today fight plays take place be: It means that one argues with the psychic powers which threaten the life, and mostly quite a simple solution finds. Who draws a square in the dream, probably has a lot of ordinal sense and transfers him also on his private life.



  • see: points to regular relations, – one occupied to itself with the solution of difficult problems, – also: you are put materialist and let demonstrate nothing,
  • sign: one will soon experience joy by harmless, superficial pleasure.

(European ones).:

  • old symbol of the Vierheit, – means strength, stability,
  • see: with rest and confidence one can hold everything in his frame,
  • see chess-shaped material or pattern: good sign for success,


  • your love of order furthers you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Square(s)

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