dream suicideAssociation: – Give up self-destruction, a part. Question: – Which part of me must go? In what do I not want to take part any more?

In general:

A dream of suicide draws the attention of the dreaming to the forcible end maybe of a project or a respect. The act is also a sign of fury on. Besides, he can announce the end of a business or a business connection.



No fear of the suicide in the dream! With this picture the unconscious only maybe wants to remind us to do no overexploitation with our forces, to change our life-style. Emotionally looked, the suicide in the dream is maybe also a tip to the fact that the dreaming is not possibly able any more to manage with a certain situation in his life. However, this does not mean that the dreaming is a potential suicide really. Suicide in the dream announces merely the intentionally caused end of a life phase.


On the spiritual way the old must be often unleashed Itself. In the dream this is expressed as a suicide.



  • you gives up a bad passion.

(European ones).:

  • registers that one should break with his current life and begin a cleverer, geregelteres, – also: Signs for an overexerted mind and a warning before a change of the surroundings,
  • commit: one strongly suffers from a failure,
  • others to see or to hear which commit this action: Strangers will exert influence on one,
  • Believing a young woman, her darlings commits suicide, your disappointment about his infidelity will still increase.


  • commit: misfortune in selfdebt.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Suicide

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