A dream about suicide certainly evokes unpleasant feelings, but the meaning of the dream can vary, depending on your situation in waking life.

It is worth analyzing whether you are struggling with some difficult problem, addictions, separation, or emotional conflict. You are probably experiencing some painful situation, a crisis that causes anxiety and depression.


Stay vigilant, take care of yourself, and be open to new experiences. Gather your strength and persevere against all difficulties. Resolve your internal conflicts in the best way and always be prepared to start the task anew.

Dreambook suicide

To see a suicide (witness a suicide).

If in your dream you were a witness to a suicide Dreambook claims that someone needs your support.

Another dream meaning suggests that you do not count on other people, do not allow them to express their own opinions, or maybe you only see your own problems and expect others to support you. You need to start noticing others and accept that everyone has their own problems and everyone needs support sometimes. What YOU think or feel is not always the most important thing.

Make sure you are not toxic to others. Learn to listen to others without judging or imposing your values. The dream may also indicate being unwelcome to those close to you.

Suicide attempt

A dream about a suicide attempt may be related to an urgent need for change in your life. Maybe you need to change your habits or think about what is preventing you from functioning, developing, and achieving your goals.

A suicide attempt dream may also be about some aspect of you that is causing you distress. Think about what it is and work on your behavior. Deep down, you want to change everything that is bothering you and start from scratch.


Failed suicide

The meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a sign that your health is very good, and you will have a long and happy life.

The meaning of this dream is associated with the will to live, the pleasure of discovery, and the desire for new experiences. You may sometimes feel that your strength is running out. However, the dream reminds you that your love for life is greater than anything else and that positive feelings will give you the impetus to overcome difficulties.

To commit suicide

A dream about suicide means that some situations will require a lot of effort from you. The negative events you have been dealing with will frustrate and disappoint you. Know that all this is fleeting and will pass suddenly. Therefore, calm down, everything will soon be resolved, and it is not worth despairing.

A dream that you are committing suicide may be related to unhappiness or difficulties you are experiencing in waking life. Maybe it’s a sign that you need to stop and rethink the meaning of everything you have built. Sometimes we need a jolt to realize that we are going in the wrong direction or don’t appreciate what we have.

Being suicidal in a dream represents an uncontrollable desire to escape from life in waking life, but this escape is impossible. You need to approach problems from a different angle.

Suicide while driving

If you dream that you commit suicide while driving a car is a sign that you have difficulty communicating with the people you live with. Think before you speak. Think about who was riding in the car with you. He or she may be the one you have the most difficulty communicating with. It’s worth shaking hands in agreement and thinking about your behavior.

To throw yourself under the train

The dream represents resistance to change. The tracks symbolize new paths and unexplored horizons. Death on the tracks shows that you are denying the need to break away from the old and accept the new. If you are in a situation where change is inevitable, don’t be afraid to put aside what you think is right.

To jump off a building (from a window)

The dream that you commit suicide by jumping off a building suggests that you want to escape from conflicts that are difficult to overcome. The meaning of the dream reflects your anxiety, caused by the current turmoil.


To jump off a roof

Stop trusting those you don’t know. Don’t tell anyone who suddenly stands in your way about your plans and life. Never be fooled by appearances and people who are interested in helping you, even though they have no ties to you.
Try to stick to what provides you with peace of mind.

Suicide by gun ( to shoot yourself in the head, in the heart).

A dream that you are committing suicide by shooting yourself with a gun means that you want to end something that is holding you back. If you aimed a shot in the mouth it means that you regret something you said and you need to change the way you communicate with others. A headshot in a dream indicates that you want to remove something that is part of your life forever. A gunshot to the chest reveals that you want to end a relationship.

Suicide by knife

The meaning of the dream suggests that you want to cleanse yourself of something you consider “dirty” about yourself. Think carefully about what it is and what you want to do about it. You may want to seek help from others.

To poison yourself

Dreambook explains that you need to take care of your diet and physical health. Pay attention to how you take care of your body to prevent disease. It is worth getting help from specialists.

To hang yourself

A dream that you commit suicide by hanging yourself shows that you are going through troubles and would like to finally free yourself from them. The dream reveals some unpleasant situations that you are struggling with alone because you don’t trust anyone. Seek professional help.

To set yourself on fire

The dream that you commit suicide by setting yourself on fire means that you have some conflicts to overcome, and the anxiety that is in you is like the flames of a bonfire. Dreambook advises: that you need to relax, clear your mind, put aside your fears, and find a way to solve any problem.

Suicide by stairs (falling down the stairs).

Dreambook translates the dream as an expression of a sense of injustice. You will soon face unfounded accusations that will cost you a lot. Keep calm, accept everything that comes, and remember that life consists of moments of ups and downs.

Suicide at work

The dream indicates possible dismissal from work or delayed payment or benefits. It is a warning to keep your attention, focus, and dedication at work. Check your progress, and measure your results to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Suicide of the father

A dream about a father’s suicide symbolizes the transformations you are experiencing in your life, especially related to your father. Reflect on the relationship you had with him until now and start it anew, from a new perspective.

Suicide of the mother

You probably need more maternal care and should seek it. The dream may also mean that you need to take care of your own children, even if they are already adults.

Suicide of a brother (sister)

A dream that a brother commits suicide means that you feel dissatisfied with your life or part of it. It can also demonstrate your brother’s dissatisfaction and indicate that you should help him.

Suicide of a child

A dream about a child’s suicide represents some problems in adult life. It may mean that you do not have enough strength to face childhood traumas.
Remember that to evolve, you need to cut yourself off from the traumatic past.

Suicide of your son (daughter)

A dream about the suicide of your child means that you need to pay attention to your mental state. You may need help.

Another dream meaning suggests that you should pay more attention to the needs of your children, especially emotional and psychological.

Suicide of a partner (partner, wife, husband)

The dream about the suicide of a partner is a call to forgive the mistakes of others and remember that we all make them. Dreambook notes that you lack patience and understanding of loved ones, you behave badly in your home and you need to change this.

Suicide of a former partner

A dream that your ex-partner commits suicide shows that you care about him. You hide something or regret some behavior towards him. There is an open wound that needs to be healed to end this cycle of your life.


Suicide of a lover

The dream means that there is a big problem in your current relationship or between your partner and loved ones. This conflict hits you directly. One of the people involved in the conflict may feel trapped, and helpless.

Suicide of a relative

A dream about a relative’s suicide reveals an excess of concern for that person in real life. It shows that you give her great love, but this feeling makes you stressed and causes anxiety and fear of the possible loss of her. Be responsible for your own emotions. You cannot direct the lives of others.

Suicide of a colleague

A dream that someone you know commits suicide reveals that you have many problems, which affects your interactions with other people. Concentrate on your goals so you don’t lose yourself. Take control of your life try to realize your projects and dreams, and solve problems on the fly.

Suicide by a stranger

Watching an unknown person commit suicide in a dream has a positive meaning. It indicates that your problems will be solved fast. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Try to settle all matters peacefully and to the end.

Suicide of a friend

The meaning of the dream signals that someone very close to you needs your help, and you are not present in the life of this person. Seek contact with this friend, whom you have abandoned or distanced from for some reason, and do not refuse any help.

If you feel guilty after waking up, it means you need to review your priorities and think about who is really important in your life. Devote more time to others.

Suicide of an enemy

A dream about enemy suicide shows that you are trying to avoid anger. You can’t express your feelings freely. Your silence may be because you need to keep up appearances in the workplace or keep a relationship a secret. Consider how long you can persevere under such tension.

Suicide of a priest

A dream about a priest’s suicide indicates that you are moving away from your religious beliefs. You are in a period of spiritual transformation. The figure of a priest represents a reduction in the importance you of traditional symbols associated with culture and faith.


Suicide of the president

The dream that the president commits suicide means that political affairs are not going in the right direction. It also shows that you should be more flexible in your political views. It may also indicate that you are not using all your inner talent and potential to take control of your professional life.

Suicide of a terrorist

The dream represents the fear of experiencing reality. It also manifests uncertainty about the future and fear of the unknown that may come.
In addition, the Dreambook claims that you are waging a war within yourself, such as between reason and emotion. You often have doubts about what you should or should not do. Seek support from a friend.

Collective suicide

The dream is an invitation to reflect on yourself and the influence of others on your life.
Maybe the people seen in the dream need a solution to outstanding problems or a meeting.
Another dream meaning suggests that you are exhausted both mentally and physically. Take a moment to rest, and try to relax as you like to regain your energy. Avoid people for now, stay alone until you feel stronger. Take a break and try to achieve the comfort of body, mind, and spirit.

Suicide note

A dream about a suicide note shows that you are seeking liberation. It usually means that you need to get rid of limiting beliefs, attitudes, and old ways of acting and thinking.
It can also indicate that you are emotionally distancing yourself from someone or something. Think about the events that cause anger and disorder and use your skills to distance them from you.

Dream meaning: suicide

  • To see a suicide (witness a suicide) – someone needs your support
  • Suicide attempt – you urgently need changes in life
  • Failed suicide – you will have a long and happy life
  • To commit suicide – some situations will require a lot of effort from you
  • Suicide while driving – think before you speak
  • To throw yourself in front of a train – you don’t want to accept novelty
  • To jump from a building (from a window) – you want to escape from conflicts
  • To jump from a roof – don’t be fooled by appearances
  • Suicide by gun (shoot yourself in the head, in the heart) – you want to end something that is holding back your development
  • Suicide by knife – you want to clear yourself of something
  • To poison yourself – pay attention to your health
  • To hang yourself – you are struggling alone because you don’t trust anyone
  • To set yourself on fire – you need to relax, overcome your fears and solve any problem
  • Suicide by stairs (fall down the stairs) – you will experience a sense of injustice
  • Suicide at work – focus on your work
  • Suicide of the father – think about the relationship with your father
  • Suicide of the mother – you need maternal care
  • Suicide of a brother (sister) – you feel dissatisfied with your life
  • Suicide of a child – cut yourself off from the traumatic past
  • Suicide of a son (daughter) – pay more attention to the needs of your children
  • Suicide of a partner (partner, wife, husband) – you behave badly in your home
  • Suicide of a former partner (partner) – you regret some behavior, settle the past
  • Suicide of a lover (mistress) – you have a conflict in your relationship
  • Suicide of a relative – you can not direct the lives of others
  • Suicide of a friend – solve problems on the fly
  • Suicide of a stranger – your problems will be solved fast
  • Suicide of a friend – someone close to you needs your help
  • Suicide of an enemy – you hide your feelings
  • Suicide of a priest – you are deviating from your religious beliefs
  • Suicide of a president – you should be more flexible in your political views
  • Suicide of a terrorist – you are afraid of the future
  • Collective suicide – you are mentally and physically exhausted, it is necessary to rest
  • Suicide note – you want to liberate yourself, get rid of restrictions

Mystic Dreambook – suicide

This symbol foretells that you will suffer some misfortune through your behavior and it will be entirely your fault.

  • If you dream that you are committing suicide, it is a sign that in waking life your problems are beginning to overwhelm you, and if it goes on like this, you will completely break down because of them.
  • When in a dream you urge someone to commit suicide, it means that you have plenty of tendencies to fall into the clutches of harmful addictions.
  • If you see a suicide in your dream, it foretells that you will soon meet some unbalanced person on your path.

dream suicide

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