A dream about a separation means that there will soon be changes in your life. Usually, they are a sign of a breakup, such as a friendship or relationship. The dream can also mean changes in your work, in relationships, in your appearance, and even changes in habits and customs.

Dreambook separation

The meaning of the dream about separation can also be associated with leaving something behind, overcoming a problem, or a bad situation. Such a moment is followed by the arrival of a new chapter of life, renewal.


Farewell or separation is always a harbinger of something new to come and the abandonment of something old to be left behind. Sometimes a time of mourning is needed to understand that the cycles of departure and arrival are part of our existence and development.

Separation from a partner, partner (husband, wife, beloved).

The dream may indicate problems in the relationship. It is time to pay more attention to your relationship and stabilize it. This is not the best time to make important decisions. The dream may also reflect your uncertainty about the future of the relationship.

Another meaning of the dream is that good changes are coming in the professional and financial spheres.

Separation from boyfriend (with girlfriend).

If you dream that you are saying goodbye to your boyfriend Dreambook suggests that changes are approaching in your relationship. These changes are usually positive and may signify a new stage, such as an engagement or marriage.

Separation from a friend

The dream may mean that there will be changes in your circle of friends, maybe someone will leave, or maybe someone new will arrive. It may be time to check what is going on with your friends, and whether they feel neglected by you. It is very important to nurture and care for true friendships.

The dream can also be a warning for you to be careful, because there may be people next to you whom you think are your friends, but in fact, they are not and are doing you harm.


A dream about childhood friends indicates your strong connection to the past. Something you should have overcome may be holding you back. The dream may also symbolize that you are avoiding or afraid of confronting some situation in the future.

Separation from family

Dreambook advises you to analyze how your relationship with your family is. The meaning of the dream may indicate that you will get closer to someone and that it will be a special moment for both of you.

The dream may also mean that a relative needs the support of the family.

Another dream meaning may suggest that you need to spend more time alone and take better care of your needs.

To see other people separating

The dream that you see other people saying goodbye suggests that you are entering a new phase of your life. You will be getting to know yourself more and more.

The dream may also be related to the fact that someone will soon distance themselves from you or your loved ones, or leave for a while.

A kiss before separation

The dream is usually related to a journey. It can refer to a traditional trip, but also to a spiritual journey or experience that will bring you to a new stage of life. Make the most of this opportunity.

A hug before separation

A dream about a farewell hug can mean that you are feeling vulnerable, powerless, or even lonely. Perhaps this is the time to seek comfort from other people.


The meaning of the dream may also be a sign that someone close to you needs your support.

Dream meaning: separation

  • Separation from your partner, partner (husband, wife, beloved) – pay more attention to relationships in the relationship
  • Separation from your boyfriend (girlfriend) – a new stage in your relationship is coming
  • Separation from a friend – check what’s going on with your friends
  • Separation from family – a relative needs family support
  • To see other people parting – someone will distance themselves from you or leave for a while
  • A kiss before separation – you have an important journey ahead of you
  • Hug before separation – you feel vulnerable, powerless, lonely

Dreambook mystical – separation

  • When a separation from a loved one appears in your dream, it is a sign that some of your intentions will fail.
  • If in your dream the separation brought you relief, it is a signal from your subconscious to finally close a stage in your life in waking life and thus allow a new one to begin.
  • When you suffer from a separation, it is a signal for you not to be so blackhearted and not to worry so much about everything, because you will only spoil your mood unnecessarily.

dream separation

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Separation

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