Fruits in dreams bring good news because they represent abundance and prosperity in life. However, they can also symbolize some difficulties that you will have to face in order to achieve your goals. To dream of a strawberry means that pleasant and joyful moments await you, and it also represents a strong and lasting relationship with friends.

Dream meaning of strawberry

The strawberry is a tasty fruit that is associated with seduction and romance.


A dream about this fruit means that the bonds you have with your friends will be strengthened. It also usually represents moments of joy that you have not yet experienced. You will find someone who will love you and make you very happy.

Strawberries are commonly associated with love and living together, but a dream can also bring messages related to work and family.

A dream about strawberries means an improvement in your life. You will be able to win your personal battles and move forward, especially at work. This is positive news and usually generates a lot of motivation.

To see strawberries

If you dream of seeing strawberries, you have just received a promise of success. The meaning of the dream foretells changes in the professional field. Obstacles and barriers, which at first sight may cause fear and uncertainty, will be frequent, but you will overcome them without much effort. Concentrate only on the results.

If you are already experiencing complications at work, the dreamer will reassure you and show that there is nothing to worry about because you will be able to overcome the problems. Think positively.

Strawberry bush

The dreamer indicates that you have made good decisions in the past, and now they will have a positive effect on your development and predict a good future. The fruits of your efforts will be harvested any day now.


Strawberry plantation

A dream about a strawberry plantation refers to abundance, it foretells financial development. There will be room for more happiness in your life. There will be a chance to help loved ones and improve their quality of life.

Growing strawberries

If you dream of growing strawberries, it means that the future will bring beautiful and good fruits of your work. Take advantage of this good professional period to try to reach new and higher positions. Explore ideas, get involved in your work, research new topics in your field, share solutions with your superiors.

Planting strawberries

A dream about planting strawberries shows your initiative. You have the strength to get out of your comfort zone and build whatever you want. The dreamer says that you will achieve your goals because you have the strength to face challenges and find solutions.

The dream is about opening up to the new and unknown. Use this opportunity to start a new career, course, or study. It also means that your efforts will eventually be rewarded.

Picking strawberries

This dream foretells that new challenges will arise in your relationship. If you make sacrifices or become more involved, the relationship will become stronger and closer. It all depends on how much you give of yourself.

If you are not in a relationship, the dream of picking strawberries is related to your professional success, good results will come soon.

To buy strawberries

Buying strawberries in a dream means that a new love will come or an old love will be confirmed. Whether you stay with this person or not is your choice.

To sell strawberries

If you dream about selling strawberries, it means that you will get better and better at dealing with people. It is important to be able to build strong relationships.


The dream also means new opportunities. It will give you a chance to improve your life and take a step towards what you have always wanted. Make the most of this opportunity.

To get strawberries

A dream in which you are given a strawberry reveals your kindness. Showing kindness and helping others is part of your way of looking at the world. The rewards can be enormous.

Stealing strawberries (stealing strawberries)

The dream of stealing strawberries means wisdom. The dreamer realizes that you are a very wise person who knows the right time to take any action, and you know when to be braver and when to take risks. This allows you to get where you want to go and improve the quality of your life.

Cutting strawberries

The meaning of this dream is that you are an organized person. Maintaining order is a necessity for you to get where you want to go. Your attitude will bear fruit in the future.

To eat strawberries

A dream about eating strawberries is a symbol of marriage or engagement for you or someone close to you. It also means that your sex life is getting better every day and your relationship is getting stronger. Enjoy this love, for you will be very happy and fulfilled in this relationship. It can also be a sign that your relationship is maturing.

A dream about eating strawberries can also symbolize an improvement in your intimate life, especially in relationships that are weakening or experiencing an emotional crisis.

Tasty strawberries

Eating a delicious strawberry means that there will be a wedding in your family soon. It also means that a lot of joy is waiting for you. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Fresh strawberries

The dream announces that you are entering a phase of life that is geared towards the development of manual labor. Handicrafts can be an important part of your life. So try to use all your talents.


Frozen strawberries

You will be able to make your own decisions. You will not succumb to the persuasion or suggestions of others. It is worth listening to the advice of friends and family, but ultimately the decision must be yours.

Ripe strawberries

The dream of ripe strawberries refers to professional maturity. You are able to put into practice much of what you have always wanted to do. With more maturity in your work environment, you will be able to make better decisions and pave the way more easily for promotions and other forms of income.

If you put more affection into your relationship, you will feel safe and comfortable and discover new solutions to improve your life together.

The meaning of the dream also suggests that you cultivate social and professional relationships that will benefit you. Use this time to get closer to people who can help you in your personal and spiritual development.

Another interpretation of the dream about ripe strawberries is that you feel mature enough to explore new pleasures and seek new opportunities.

Green (unripe) strawberries

A dream of a green strawberry means money in your pocket. You can gain a lot financially. You are entering a new phase in your life. With the influx of more money it will be possible to build a more peaceful life. You will be able to devote yourself to what you have always wanted.

Red strawberries

Dreaming of a red strawberry means security. You realize the importance of choosing the safest options in your life and are able to create a very stable scenario for your existence. Taking unnecessary risks is not your way of being. On the contrary, you believe that you can grow step by step in all areas of life without taking too many risks. This is the right way.

Colorful strawberries

A dream of a colorful strawberry indicates that you will use your innovative abilities. This is a great opportunity to show your worth. Try to use it especially in your work. You are very creative and know how to develop your ideas. Positive results will come quickly.


Hard strawberries

A dream about a hard strawberry signifies your strength to resist doubts. At some points in life there are uncertainties that can create challenges – but not for you. You understand the importance of making a decision and sticking to it until the end. It’s important to have a positive outlook on life, as it increases your confidence and the chances that things will go well.

Rotten (spoiled) strawberries

This dream alludes to true friendships. You will have the opportunity to understand who is really on your side and who you can count on in the face of life’s challenges. Appreciate your friends.

A dream about a spoiled or rotten strawberry warns against investing time and energy in things that are not worthwhile. Listen more to your intuition to avoid making mistakes.

Another meaning of this dream is a lack of confidence and low self-esteem that will cause you to miss out on unique opportunities. Whether it’s a promotion at work, a date or an unexpected trip, you need to feel secure enough to take the first step. Work on building your confidence.

Large, big strawberry

A dream of a giant strawberry is associated with spiritual development. The dreamer notices that you are a calmer and more understanding person lately. This is a clear sign that you are growing spiritually. Calmness of mind is the basis of happiness.

You have goals that you want to accomplish. You can now do many things you’ve always wanted to do. This will improve your mood and increase your self-esteem.
Dreaming of big and tasty strawberries means that all the problems you have been struggling with will soon be overcome. Calm your mind and take an optimistic view of your surroundings, and it will be easier to overcome adversity.

Strawberry jam

Using strawberries to pr of preparing sweets or beverages is a reassurance that love and hope are the way to resolve conflict.

A dream that you are preparing strawberry jam is a call to pay more attention to love, as it can be the key to resolving all conflicts, and gives you a chance to reconcile with a friend.
A dream about strawberry jam also indicates passionate love. It can change a lot in your life.


Cake (pie) with strawberries

The dream reflects a bond with friends. True friendships should be cherished as something special that brings a lot to your daily life. You know that you can count on true friends. You manage to create very strong relationships with them.
Another meaning of the strawberry cake dream refers to good things and improvements in your life. You will develop at work and be able to make progress toward what you most desire. Your evolution in the professional environment will be intense.

Strawberries and chocolate

You will succeed in establishing a loving relationship that will complete your life. This person will make your heart beat faster. It will also help you solve other problems. Enjoy this relationship and do your best to make it grow.

Strawberries with cream (with cream)

The meaning of the dream suggests that you know what you want so concentrate to achieve it. Challenges that may arise along the way will not be a problem for you.

Strawberry juice

The dream about strawberry juice refers to creativity. If life challenges you, you use your power of innovation to create something that allows you to grow. Even if you face some difficulties, you know how to use your creativity to get where you want to go.

The dream shows your strength of reaction in the face of dangers that appear along the way.

Dream meaning: Strawberries

  • Seeing strawberries – you are approaching success
  • Strawberry bush – a good future ahead of you
  • Strawberry plantation – financial development will improve your life
  • Grow strawberries – you will reap the fruits of your labor
  • Plant strawberries – you will achieve your goals
  • Pick strawberries – new challenges will arise in your relationship
  • Buy strawberries – new love will arrive
  • Sell strawberries – your relationships with people will improve
  • Get strawberries – you are good and it will bear fruit
  • Steal strawberries (steal strawberries) – you can get where you want to go
  • Cut strawberries – your organization will benefit you
  • Eat strawberries – your relationship with your loved one will improve
  • Taste strawberries – there will be a wedding in your family
  • Fresh strawberries – use your talent for manual work
  • Frozen strawberries – make your own decision
  • Ripe strawberries – you have matured professionally, which will benefit you
  • Green (unripe) strawberries – your financial status will improve
  • Red strawberries – you act in a safe and thoughtful manner
  • Colorful strawberries – you will use your innovative abilities
  • Hard strawberries – you are persistent in pursuit of your goals
  • Rotten (spoiled) strawberries – appreciate your friends
  • Big (large) strawberry – the problems you have been facing will be overcome
  • Strawberry jam – be guided by love
  • Cake (pie) with strawberries – you can count on true friends
  • Strawberries and chocolate – you will meet a person who will complete your life
  • Strawberries with cream (with cream) – concentrate to achieve your goal
  • Strawberry juice – use your creativity

Mystic dream meaning – strawberries

This symbol can mean that when you wake up you are looking forward to some event in your sexual life.

The meaning of the dream of strawberries

If you see strawberries in your dream, it is a sign that your friendship with someone will be strengthened.

If you buy strawberries, it foretells that you will get involved in a shady business.


Selling strawberries foretells pleasant moments in the company of an interesting person.

Eating strawberries in a dream is a sign that you will soon be kissed by someone you did not expect.

Ripe strawberries in your dream mean that you will get a promotion at work.

Unripe strawberries indicate that you have reason to worry when you wake up.

If you dream of picking strawberries, it means that in real life you hate arguments and try to avoid them at all costs.

If you see a lot of strawberries, it foretells that you will have love adventures in the near future.

If you have scattered strawberries, it foretells disappointments you will experience in the emotional sphere.

dream strawberriesStrawberry is a symbol for good friendship in which also sexual needs play a role which one should not suppress. If one eats strawberries, one will maybe experience an erotic adventure, one tips out the berries, however, this respect probably ends with a disappointment. Tallness, bulging, garish-red strawberries can warn against crowding too strongly in the foreground.




  • in general: if marriage and maternity announces,
  • see: loyal friends have,
  • for lovers: late, however, the love is answered,
  • only pick: there threatens an illness,
  • eat: soon good news gets to know, – health, – friendship and love expect you,
  • pick and eat: Prosperity and health attain.

(European ones).:

  • sweetens expectations with sexual colouring, – a success follows the other, nothing stands to one in the way,
  • see: growing friendship to a person,
  • pick: if is a sign of forthcoming joy,
  • eat if they taste: indicate a happy success and the fulfilment of hope, – one will get a kiss of a person from whom one does not expect this,
  • many wild strawberries see or collect: meant a love affair,
  • these bury: if brings a dear disappointment,
  • see in a plate before himself: if are the kisses which one receives
  • act with it: one may be glad about luck and rich harvest.


  • big ones: you are too proud,
  • give away: you will remain in good memory,
  • eat: pleasant news,
  • many see: you will fall in love,
  • pick: light illness.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Strawberries

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