A dream about stairs usually means development and growth. The dream represents your behavior at a certain stage of life. It is worth paying attention to the details of the dream, because they indicate what is happening in the situation, whether you can go to your destination, or whether something is holding you back or blocking your movements.

Dreambook stairs

Stairs up (to climb stairs).

The dream means that you will soon reach your goal or fulfill your dream. There may be some difficulties ahead of you, but you should not break down or give up, because your goal is very close.


If you have climbed to the top of the stairs, it means that the fulfillment of your wishes and projects is just beginning.

The way you behave on the stairs can illustrate how you behave at this stage of your life. If you are climbing slowly, step by step, you may be focusing on moving forward, being a better person, or pursuing a desired goal. If you are going fast or jumping over steps, Dreambook admonishes: be careful, everything must be reached by overcoming the steps of the road. Another dream meaning says that you live with your head in the clouds. Get down on the ground.

If you walk down the stairs to work, Dreambook states that you need peace and quiet, and you will enjoy increased profits.

Stairs down (to go downstairs).

The dream may be a sign of difficulties at work or in your personal life. Dreambook advises: be vigilant. Make a diagnosis and assessment of your life. What are your finances? What is your professional situation? Are you taking care of your relationship? A dream that you are going down the stairs indicates a decline in some areas of your life. Prepare accordingly to prevent serious losses. You may need to change something, evaluate, rethink. Sometimes you need to take two steps back and one step forward to achieve your goals.

Other people on the stairs

The sight of other people using the stairs is a sign that you need to abandon comfort or routine and seek new paths to accomplish your projects. You may have the feeling that others have it better, they have something you don’t, and it’s easier for them. This erroneous thinking only weakens and discourages you. Think about what you can do to achieve what you want. Focus and you will find a way.

To not be able to climb the stairs (descend the stairs)

Think about whether you fear something in real life, such as leaving your parent’s house, making an important decision, or taking on new obligations. You need to take this step to move on. Thus, think well about what to do and how to do it, and do not back away from challenges and responsibilities.


The dream may also warn that the situation you are in requires reflection. The dream can also symbolize fear of what lies ahead, such as a new stage of life, or some event.

To push someone on the stairs

Dreambook explains that there is someone responsible for your movement, your actions, or your decision-making. Think about your relationship with this person in your daily life. What needs to change so that you can pursue your goals independently. If you are the one pushing someone on the stairs in your dream, think about your relationship with this person. What do you envy about her? How do you perceive her? Change your behavior and actions to avoid creating conflict.

Falling down the stairs (to fall down the stairs).

The meaning of the dream can be read as an admonition not to be too harsh to friends or female colleagues. Dreambook recommends that you remember that any change in life, whether it is a promotion at work or a move to a more comfortable home, can cause fear. All wins always involve losses, but doubting your abilities will not help you. Self-confidence is one of the greatest qualities you can have. Free yourself from toxic thoughts.

Perhaps your attitude to life (or a certain area of it) is not appropriate. And the consequence of this immature or reckless behavior may be your downfall. Think carefully about your behavior.

Winding staircase

The dream predicts that even if you encounter many difficulties, you will overcome them.

The dream may also represent your progress.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are making the same mistakes. You need to think about what is causing you to get stuck.

Moving staircase

This type of dream signifies movement that comes from within, from emotional states and consciousness. Stay calm, because the dream indicates that you are already walking on the right path and you just need to clear some doubts.


Wooden staircase

The dream hints that you should take a look at your plans and actions. Perhaps you are doing the wrong thing, or maybe what you are doing is unsustainable and will not have the desired effect. The dream may also signal that you will be able to avoid some unpleasant situations.

Stone staircase

The dream means that you are standing firmly on the ground, building lasting relationships, and your work brings concrete results. The dream symbolizes progress and success. Perhaps you are working on something that will be lasting and meaningful for your community or your loved ones.

Broken (damaged) staircase

You may be experiencing emotional instability. It is important to look for the source of this problem. It may be just a temporary feeling or a problem that needs to be resolved and peace will return. You may not be clear about what next steps to take to achieve a certain goal. Try to analyze the situation and look for solutions to get out of the downtime.

No path is easy, and obstacles will always arise. Take a look at your professional and financial life and make sure that you are not surprised by something unforeseen.

Dream meaning: stairs

  • Stairs up (climb stairs) – you will soon reach your goal
  • Stairs down (go down the stairs) – difficulties may arise
  • Other people on the stairs – look for new paths to complete your projects
  • To not be able to climb the stairs (go down the stairs) – don’t back down from challenges
  • To push someone on the stairs – be more self-reliant and independent
  • Falling down the stairs ( to fall down the stairs) – don’t doubt yourself
  • Winding stairs – you will overcome difficulties
  • Moving stairs – stay calm, clarify doubts
  • Wooden stairs – take a look at your plans and actions
  • Stone stairs – you stand firmly on the ground
  • Broken (destroyed) stairs – try to find peace of mind

Dreambook mystical – stairs

  • When you see stairs in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious to start taking more care of your reputation, because for the time being it is not the best or for some reason, it is exposed to damage.
  • If you dream that you are climbing the stairs upstairs, it foretells that you will begin to enjoy a bad reputation.
  • When you run up the stairs, it foreshadows the unfavorable news you are about to receive, which will quite spoil your mood.
  • When you dream that you are going down the stairs, it is a sign that you will soon be a kind guest at someone’s home.
  • If in your dream you are sitting on the stairs, it foreshadows a significant improvement in your situation.
  • When you dream that you fell down the stairs, it is a sign that you will manage to regain your good reputation, which you have lost due to your recklessness.
  • Marble stairs appearing in your dream is a sign that you will live in prosperity.

dream stairs

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