dream stableA house in which animals live – translates: The insatiable desires are tamed here, – the dreamer gets in the awake life as it were upper hand over his sexual cravings.



  • with nice cattle see: Prosperity attain, – luck,
  • with horses: a real profit appears in outlines,
  • Stallaterne: Illness with animals,
  • stable door: Esteem before thieves.

(European ones).:

  • announces luck and advantageous circumstances, – one will have a good companion for life,
  • enter in what nice cattle or horses stand: Prosperity, success, happy situation,
  • with healthy horses see: one will soon have quite real profit chances,
  • with healthy cattle see: one will bring it in the next time to prosperity,
  • more blank: admonished to the patience and for enduring,
  • fire in the stable: can point to successful innovations.


  • with horses: Prosperity,
  • with oxen: good advancement.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Stable

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