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In general:

A water spring is a tip to fresh energy and on fertility. Spring can stand for luck and success if her water looks clear. A murky spring warns about insincerity and intrigues of other people. If the spring has dried up, this can register that one must reflect again more on the unaware forces and currents of own personality, – in particular cases is expressed in the fact that a phase of the luck and success comes to an end.



The spring is a vision with positive meaning. In fairy tale she stands as a symbol for the virginity and cleanness. Maybe these are just, therefore, the young or inexperienced girls who dream of springs. Releasing reason is either the fear of the loss of the innocence or, however – with varying partners – the bad conscience because of stained ‘cleanness’. Also it is seen in the dream as a picture for the supply by psychic energy. Generally the spring is a fertility symbol. If the dreaming reaches in his dream to a spring, he meets the cleanness and virginity of his own mental energy. He is aware of his devotion ability. It is to be understood as a fountain of youth, as the fizzy life and the joy of living. If her water is clear, the luck is lovely to us. Murky water from the spring against it does not point to murky views, on discrepancies in the personal area, on person, to us goodwill.


At the spiritual level the spring in the dream is a request to the dreaming to return to his own origins. The spring is a female symbol of the fertility and shows the everlasting, never drying up life and the rebirth.


Springs, wells and fountains of completely clear water promise to all without difference blessing, particularly sick people and impecunious, – one give them to healing, the other wealth, – then nothing promotes the health, as well as the water. Dried up without water they mean the opposite. Always it is good to drink from thirst. If one finds to drink nothing or comes to a spring without being able to scoop water, one will manage nothing of him what one strives for. Covet nothing else is than a desire, and drinking satisfies the desire. A runner who wanted to take part in a holy competition dreamt, he has come with a sound jug to a spring to scoop water. As long as he was on the way to the spring, the water ran, at the moment, however, when he approached and wanted to scoop, it heard to flow on. When he approached after a while once again, it heard to flow again on and also the third spot. Finally, it completely stayed away, so that he smashed the jug in his fury and hit in pieces. With the race he ran with another a dead running, and although the scale pan kicked more in his favours, he had to line up as the second run. When he went with this again breast in breast with his opponent through the aim, he ran the third spot, although he was, besides, clearly in the advantage, he felt around the victory wreath cheated, – obviously the organizer of the competition sided with his opponent. Now it was obvious to draw a comparison to scoop between the spring and the competition, the water pipe and the judge, the water and the victory wreath, the sound jug and the sporty competition, namely between the vain strain, water because the water pipe failed and to gain that, the victory wreath because the judge was biased, and, finally, between the fruitless application and smashing the jug.



  • Dreaming somebody, he comes to a spring and drinks from it, so many worries and need will depress him as he drank water, provided that the place is unknown to him.
  • Seeming it one, it bubbles of a wall, a firm place or a house on unusual Wise waters, the inhabitants will have worries and miseries after the magnitude of the Sprudelns, – far frequent the dream points to tears and death. If one collects an amount of water of it, the evil will last accordingly longer. If he dries up the spring and hears on to bubble, the end of the sufferings will approach.
  • see: Good experience, – Verj├╝ngung and settlement of personal relations if one knows how to steer his ideas in the right road
  • bubbling ones: Increase of the income, – of the well-being and the carelessness, – one may look by new ideas in a happy future, – the water is even clear: wealth stands in the house, – cloudily: your future is murky, – loss and renunciation, – Tratschereien in dear things,
  • dried out: if lacking energy and energy means, – one should concentrate upon the basic values of the life, because the possibilities will be limited,
  • buries: you lose your position,
  • by green meadows constantly: your life will develop pleasantly,
  • from one drink: one will quickly recover from an illness,
  • see drinking themselves from one: you will live long.


  • A fizzy spring is the messenger of a blest time of the well-being, a dried out spring symbolises loss and renunciation. The concerning person wants to remind the omen of the basic values of the life and of the fact that also she is only one person. (Man


(European ones).:

  • according to findings of the water clarity or lack of clarity in spiritual respect,
  • promises profit and big advantage, in particular if one helps others and provides assistance,
  • for sick people means it to recovery,
  • waters from one get: is valid for good, fertile shops,
  • for a single: a happy marriage,
  • with clear water: Joy of life, – big luck,
  • with murky water: destroyed hopes, – is valid for Miss’s brightness which one can escape, however,
  • scoop from a clear one and drink: you will well use fortunate circumstances, – tells a great success in an endeavours or aspiration in, – one can reach an old age,
  • scoop from a murky one or drink: one will get to do it with disingenuous people,
  • have a bath in it: you will clean yourself of wrong suspicion,
  • see running by green meadows: Hope for better times,
  • see in the flat: Profit and honour,
  • dries up: bad trend of affairs.


  • see: you have a lot of courage,
  • cloudily: you can hope for good times,
  • drink from it: with the time the luck also comes to you.

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