dream soldiersAssociation: – Work on the confrontation. Question: – What is I to be challenged ready? Where in my life I am afraid of challenges?

In general:

Soldier requests to self-restraint because one provokes quarrel and conflicts, otherwise, by his behaviour. Universal announces he a disagreeable change in the life. Soldiers with a parade should announce a happy event after old dream interpretation. Above all with women the wish for a sexual adventure is expressed in it now and again.



Even war service deniers are reminded with this archetypal picture of discipline and obedience, if the soldier does not appear in the dream as a shooting-furious great head which mixes up – in the awake life moved – everything what was up to now in the nicest order. Restlessness arises in the everyday life if we see a whole troop of soldiers in the dream. According to opinion of some psychoanalysts this vision should seem particularly with single women.


To be drawn to the army service or to move in the field means to all which are ill anyhow, the death, – then the man who moves in the field gives up his private life and exercises a new one instead of the present activity. Often it prophesies to old people the death, it forecasts to all others chicaneries, incommodities, movements and trips. It means to idlers and paupers work and salary, – then the soldier is not lazy, still he lacks the necessary. Inwards unfavorably, is outwardly favorable if a slave dreams of serving as a soldier. Though it becomes an honour, gain, however, by no means the freedom. Though many were released, however, had to perform to wide slave work and remained subordinated, – then a soldier must serve, even if he is personally free. (The Released and slaves who were put into the military service could attain the freedom and the civil right.) It dreamt somebody, he would be provided with horseshoe. He contacted to the soldiers and became a rider, – it made because no difference whether he himself had or the horse carrying for him horseshoe.



  • you will lead a worried life of fully unhappy occurrences, – also: your duty is not given you,
  • many see: To remain a reminder, in a thing loyal and steadfast,
  • on guard: you wait in vain,
  • are pursued by them: worried and bad times are to be expected.

(European ones).:

  • urgent internal request to adjust itself in the life and to hold discipline, – also: Loss of the job and probably a lot of changes before one sits down once more,
  • see one or with one operate: meant in the women’s dream a passing flirtation, – in the man’s dream: worried days approach,
  • in pretty uniform, maybe on vacation: for women: Love affair anbandelnd, is in love, invitation for the dance or ball, – for men: you have big self-confidence,
  • stand on guard: you show a presented luck of yourself,
  • many soldiers with a parade see: if a happy surprise tells in,
  • see marching: if brings a depressing change, – points to a time of crass excesses, – at the same time, one will triumph about the opponents,
  • see drilling: brings incommodities by superiors, authorities or higher standing people,
  • are pursued by soldiers: a very worried time with many problems must be mastered,
  • see during the war: if a violent discussion, quarrel and quarrel with others tells in,
  • wounded see: others will cause serious complications in the life, – own sympathy will win over the ability to judge,
  • a courageous soldier be: the wishes will come true word for word,
  • Seeing a Mrs. Soldaten, so her call is in danger.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Soldiers

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