dream skinAssociation: – Surface, – sensitivity, – attachment between inside and appearance. Question: – What appears in the surface?


Skin embodies the way as one is outward, – partly the past experiences which stamped a person also appear in it. It is also a symbol for the nervous state and soul state of the dreaming, the ‘suit’ of the person. She feels first pain which comes from the outside, however, some injurious also holds. The following accompanying circumstances can play a role:

  • Being the skin flatly and purely, the soul is in the state of the balance or indicates that the dreaming longs for an unconcerned life and an optimistic life setting.
  • very cultivated skin can be a warning of too much superficiality and vanity to the dreaming.
  • very tender skin points to sensitivity of the dreamer who is maybe too oversensitive.
  • Being the skin neglectedly, uncleanly, drily or cracked, the dreaming should watch out for superficiality, stress and pessimism.
  • a dreamt skin rash is to be understood as a token of mental tension and suppressed feelings. The harmony between internal processes and the external appearance is disturbed, and one would not like to be touched ‘roughly’.
  • in the dream burnt skin is valid as a proof that to us somebody would like to damage to put us outwardly, compared with our environment, in a bad light.
  • If hands affectionately the skin stroke, somebody wants (in a love relationship

?) reach something that he could not put through by force.

  • touched one a skin which is not his own becomes one around something that one easily believed to conquer, must still fight long.
  • one will spend

  • Dreaming one of red skin, soon with a person of the other gender to nice hours.
  • dark or black skin warns about deception and deception by others.
  • yellow skin often points to timidity which hinders the life needlessly. Yellow skin also means that one should overcome his bad influence immediately and think about himself.
  • stripped skin (for example, of a queue) can ask to venture a new beginning unloaded from the joyless past.
  • Who draws off the skin of an animal or another person, will stand there in the awake life maybe without protection before wilful people.

Other meanings can be derived from the dream connection.



  • Dreaming one, his skin of white colour has become black like those of an Ethiopian, he will change to a liar, fools and unbelievers, – a woman will turn out whore and receive the separation letter from her man.
  • Seeming it one, his white skin has become yellowish, he will be laid low in a protracted fever illness.
  • Dreaming somebody, his skin would be struck by a rash, he will get so many stamped golden pieces as he counts to bloodstains.
  • see somebody with darker: one should watch out for the environment, because these are unreliable and disloyal,
  • with brighter: Success in the life,
  • depart: you will suffer losses,
  • see tanning: in sickliness go to ruin,
  • (feel burning: you will gain bad experience,
  • lubricate: you know how to make a smooth deal,
  • rough: one treats you badly,
  • wrinkly ones see: if promises an old age,
  • too drily: Illness,
  • wet: you have yourself verspekuliert,
  • injure: Care on traffic!

(European ones).:

  • see and feel: means that one should be on the alert for dishonest, flattering friends,
  • touch a tender one: somebody will energetically resist,
  • tan: announced a violent cold and indisposition,
  • clarifies clear and recovers: you are loved, – luck,
  • wrinkly ones: you will reach an old age,
  • she seems distorted: The friendliness unilaterally from which one would have expected it in the least one,
  • white ones: if joy, – success means in the life,
  • black or brown ones see or have: you will betray, – the exposure of bad intentions brings, – with Mrs. Hinweis on adultery,
  • yellow ones: one is too afraid in a thing.


  • black ones: is careful, one will betray you.

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