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Steeple drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Steeple :

dream steepleIt is the forefinger of God and symbol for the spiritual aim regulation.



  • of wide ones see: one is on the right way, but the success is still wide and you may not despair,
  • mount: testifies from curiosity of the environment,
  • of one see: View of a happy future.

(European ones).:

  • of wide one see: one is on the right life, – hopes are entitled and an ardent wish will come true. Nevertheless, one has a little patience.
  • more ramshackle: stands for illness and setbacks,
  • a destroyed tower: points to death in the circle of friends,
  • hinaufklettern: one will get in serious difficulties which one overcomes, nevertheless.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Steeple

Steeple - dream interpretation and meaning
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