dream sheepAssociation: – Conformity. Question: – To whom or do what I run behind?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Conformance, – cookers, – helplessness, – vulnerability, – service. Description: Sheep, chewing the cud relatives of the goats, have a heavy woollen fur and tasty meat. Wildly as well as domesticates everywhere in the world at home, all possible kinds of sheep are always used by the humanity to the meat production and of the production of clothes. The fur delivers wool and leather or greaseproof paper. Sheep can be easily supplied because they are gregarious animals what she delivers to the person and the attack of other animals unprotected. The male sheep, the Aries, often has long or sinuous horns which are associated with strength. The lamb who is valid as especially helpless and vulnerable has become for many people the symbol of peace and innocence. General meaning: A part of you which runs along with the herd, injures itself – an aspect of itself, which and feels helplessly, – a part of you who longs to serve. Association: Stupidly like a sheep, – patiently like a sheep, – a sheep in the herd of the church, – Christ as the lamb of God, – paschal lamb. Transcendent meaning: A revelation of your own conformance or your vulnerability.



According to the incorrect opinion of the old people white sheep bring luck, black misfortune, – are after my experience, nevertheless, white as well as black from good premeaning, – white more, black less. The sheep resemble the people because they follow a shepherd and unite to cookers, further, because of her name, a transportation and the progress to the better. (Wordplay: probaton = sheep and probainein = advance, make headway.) Consequently it is most favorable to hold many own sheep, to see foreign ones and to graze, particularly for the people who want to control the large amount, for sophist and teachers. The works which are managed only a half mean complete shutdown of the shops and not even allow to do the first step. A Kilikier which asked the emperor, to be allowed to line up heir of his brother dreamt, he worries a sheep up to half and because he saw himself except state to get down the rest of the wool, he awoke from the sleep. He expected to get half of the inheritance, however, he got nothing at all.

In general:

Sheep registers meek, slightly influenceable, often naive person, – one should pay attention to the fact that one is not used by others. Schafherde embodies the wish for peace, moreover, diligence and modesty, – this leads to lower, but sure prosperity.


Symbol of the patience and tolerance which one should adopt in the awake life to succeed By the way: The dream does not know the proverbially silly sheep.



  • Finding or one buys many milk sheep, he will find according to their number of wealth, joy and farm-hands.
  • he will subject

  • Having of the emperors this dream, foreign people, make tributary and feel big satisfaction about that, measured in the number of the sheep.
  • Putting out to pasture of sheep, he will gain an office and governmental power according to their number.
  • Seeming it one, he owns sheep and loses them, he will become impoverished and come to big distress, – the emperor or one of the tallness dreams, his sheep perished in an illness, he will have under the power of another prince in his people big need.
  • sheep milk to drink means joy and blessing, – dreams to the emperor, he drinks milk from a vessel, he will experience bright joy and a woman are present according to the beauty of the vessel and the good taste of the milk.
  • he will slander

  • Eating of a raw mutton, his people and denounce, – however, the dreaming fears God and gives up his bad works.
  • Seeming it one, one brings something killed and skinned in his house, he or another from his house will die.
  • the misfortune his woman will meet

  • Being the killed a female animal, if a male, him or a relative.
  • he will have

  • consumed the head of a sheep, unexpected wealth and a long life.
  • Dreaming one, he finds a herd goats and does them on his estate, he will take over if the animals follow willing the rule about ungeschlachtes people, however, with displeasure, – the goats are stubborn, he will suffer from foreign authority oppression and compulsion.
  • he will attain

  • consumed somebody the feet of a sheep, health and a modest measure from Wohlhabenheit.
  • consumed one fat food and drinks broth, he will increase his wealth, however, not without quarrel and quarrel, because of the boiling hot broth, – he eats the liver of a sheep, he will find a lot of gold if his tail, likewise, according to the consumption, – it is an Aries’s tail, the gold of mighty man will come, if a lamb tail, from a woman.
  • he will profit

  • Eating of a meat which in the pot cooked, but is cold and fat without work from the strains more different.
  • see general: something pleasant experience, – symbolise long health, as well as luck and security in the love,
  • black ones: bad experiences have,
  • a whole herd: his luck will be so bigger around,
  • see in bigger number: good acquisition will please you,
  • has young, see jump and hopping: you will well have a good time in happy society,
  • on the meadow: Luck and satisfaction,
  • in the stable: Wealth and conjugal luck,
  • protect: operate with good friends,
  • float: your family is in danger,
  • many see worrying or worry themselves: Increase of the possession, – the success of your trouble appears,
  • see worrying just one: watch out for deception or exploitation of your next one,
  • see slaughtering: very much are bothered,
  • slaughter: Loss in the play.

(European ones).:

  • or Schafherde: Wealth is to be reached at work and thrift, – a quiet and contemplative time, – profit-laden enterprises,
  • announces

  • big cookers: you can be contented with the present state of the things, – one will soon be able to gain a big salary because one diligently and give at the same time is,
  • see unkemptly and ill animals: one must count on the failure of a promising plan,
  • on the pasture: Health and luck,
  • sheep’s wool: if means increase of the having,
  • Schafschur see: Wealth and success,
  • worry a sheep: one uses other people, one day for it one is called to account,
  • even sheep worry: one may hope for a profitable time,
  • see worrying: rich profit at diligent work and thrift,
  • see slaughtering: Poverty,
  • protect: Property,
  • white ones: loyal friends,
  • black ones: you have hypocritical friends,
  • hopping and jumping: you are a pleasant companion,
  • eat mutton: somebody will injure maliciously your feelings.


  • see: Care on travelling,
  • slaughter: you will become poor,
  • protect: Health and luck.

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