A dream about sexual intercourse means the temptation or need for affection. It can symbolize the lack of something or the desire to give and receive pleasure.

A dream about sex can lead you to unrecovered feelings, and repressed and hidden desires, commonly considered shameful, to feel pleasure and try new things. It can also be related to other areas of life in which you experience anxiety, desire, and strong emotions, such as in your professional work.


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Successful sex

If you had pleasurable sexual intercourse in your dream, the dream means fulfillment in love in waking life. It can also symbolize successful professional projects or achieving satisfaction in some area of life.

Unsuccessful sex (unpleasant sexual intercourse)

If in your dream intercourse was unpleasant or uncomfortable Dreambook advises you to choose the right person for a partner, but also to appreciate yourself, to act in harmony with yourself. It is important to be happy.

Erotic toys (gadgets)

The use of erotic gadgets or outfits in a dream is related to your dissatisfaction, not necessarily sexual. Dreambook notes that you may not be taking sex seriously. Be careful not to hurt others or yourself.

To look for a place to have sex

If you are looking for a place to have sex outside the home in your dream, you are probably looking for more intimacy in waking life, perhaps wanting to rekindle a relationship. Dreambook advises you to invest more time and effort in your relationship with your partner and to take more interest in his needs.

Sex in a public place

If in your dream you had sex in a public place, it may be a sign that you are talking openly to others about your private life. Be careful, as this is not good for you. Such behavior can harm you and breed unnecessary trouble.

Anal sex

A dream about anal sex usually indicates submissiveness. Such behavior is not usually positive. Seek support and liberation from such a situation, no matter what area of your life it concerns.


Oral sex

A dream about oral sex can symbolize both your creative energy and your lack of conversation about sex with your partner. Be more open and express clearly what you feel and what you need.

The dream meaning can also symbolize your desire to give and receive pleasure.

Parents having sex

A dream that your parents are having sex is a sign that there are similarities between the relationship they have (or had) and your current relationship. Consider what you can learn from them so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Sex with a stranger

Sex with a stranger is a sign of dissatisfaction with your relationship.

Having sex with strangers also signifies uncertainty about the future and the freedom to express yourself and experience feelings. Work on expressing emotions and communicating freely.

Sex with an ex-partner, boyfriend (ex-partner, girlfriend)

The dream usually shows fear of entering a new relationship. You may also still miss your former partner or there are unclosed issues between you. It’s time to put the past behind you, to clarify everything that causes anxiety.

Having sex with a friend

Having sex with a friend in a dream is an expression of your relationship with this person, a picture of mutual ties that you may be denying in waking life. It can express physical infatuation, but also admiration.

Sex with a boss

Sex with the boss in your dream expresses your desire for power and control in your waking life. Perhaps you are waiting for a promotion or feel undervalued. Sometimes the dream may warn you that you are abusing your position towards others, such as household members or co-workers. Rethink your behavior toward others.


Having sex with a celebrity

Having sex with a celebrity in a dream represents a desire to succeed and gain recognition. Do not reach for success at any cost, as it will reflect on you and your loved ones in a very negative way. Move towards your goal with honesty and planning.

Sex with many people (group sex)

Dreambook explains the dream as a result of a lack of pleasure or lack of feeling of erotic connection with your partner. Perhaps your partner is not giving you what you expect. You may also lack tenderness or displays of affection. Talk to him or her about it.

Other people having sex

A dream about other people having sex shows that you are missing adventure. You are looking for excitement and fun. All this should be done within safe limits. Don’t put yourself or others at risk. Don’t impose your will on others either.


If you do not have an orgasm in your dreams, it may be a sign of frustration in your life. If you had an orgasm in your dream, you can expect an exciting ending to something you do in your waking life.

Dream meaning: sex

  • Successful sex – you will achieve satisfaction in some areas of life
  • Unsuccessful sex (unpleasant sexual intercourse) – act in harmony with yourself, be happy
  • Erotic toys (gadgets) – you are dissatisfied with something
  • To look for a place to have sex – you want to revitalize your relationship
  • Sex in a public place – you tell others about your private life
  • Anal sex – don’t be submissive
  • Oral sex – express clearly what you feel and what you need
  • Parents having sex – make an assessment of your relationship
  • Sex with a stranger – you are uncertain about the future
  • Sex with an ex-partner, boyfriend (ex-partner, girlfriend) – it’s time to put the past behind you
  • Sex with a friend – you have a strong bond with a friend
  • Sex with a boss – you crave power and control
  • Sex with a celebrity – you want success and recognition
  • Sex with many people (group sex) – talk to your partner about your relationship
  • Other people having sex – you lack adventure
  • Orgasm – expect an exciting ending to something you are doing

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