dream seatThe seats in the dream point to relaxation, relaxed mood and mental and spiritual balance or embody the wish for it. If the dreaming sits, however, uncomfortably or falls from the chair and the similar, this is a sign for his exhaustion, tension or internal Angespanntheit.



  • on an armchair: you wait in vain,
  • on the ground: one wants to discontinue you,
  • on a branch: your position is completely a danger,
  • on a throne: you will make an inheritance.

(European ones).:

  • one will far bring it in the occupation, one is on the right way,
  • on a chamber pot: one will earn a profit,
  • on the throne: the possession of a house stands in view,
  • on a high footstool sit: meant progress in this world,
  • if somebody own seat has taken away: one will be asked continuously for help,
  • see how somebody has liked of his seat: this is removed from the office,
  • of a woman offer his seat: one will fall for the cunning of a swindler.


  • on a throne: you will win money and property.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Seat

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