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Meaning of dream Scale :

dream scaleOf the scales (booth) in the dream is a badly built house, points to our bad internal and external constitution, in other words: We believe ourselves despicably. Scales of fishing should bring beside ideal also material profit. The head scales which drop from ourselves open the eyes to us in the awake life, – there it falls to us like scales of the eyes that we reacted in the past sometimes towards people closely who were well-disposed to us.



  • from skin: small profits come in,
  • of the fish: Money comes to the house,
  • before the eyes: one wants to conceal something from you.

(European ones).:

  • of fishing: Monetary profit,
  • on the head: Disadvantage.


  • see: a lot of money comes to the house, only hopes do not lose.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Scale

Scale - dream interpretation and meaning
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