dream scytheThe scythe is edge tools and, hence, has a similar meaning like the knife. In dreams it is mostly a tip to the fact that the dreaming should ‘cut out’ insignificant actions or convictions from his life. Besides, he must go forward rather hard, so that he can achieve the desired aim.


The scythe is a very old symbol for spreading the time. If she appears in the dream, this shows that of the dreaming connection has taken up with deep-rooted images and ideas. He realises that that in his sphere presently possibly life or energy is destroyed, even if this necessarily does not mean his own death. Who works in the dream with the scythe, something wants to settle which stands in a queue for a long time. If other with her work, this says that our people best liked to make to us a head shorter because we carry him simply too high, that is that we appear as too haughty. The scythe is an attribute of the scythe man as the death is also called. Therefore, it can be in the dream also a tip to illness, age and death. However, generally she embodies, how all the other sharp and sharp objects the inclination to the aggression. Also abilities of getting through, recklessness and lack of emotion can express themselves in this vision.



The scythe is like, hence, the hourglass an equipment of godfather death and symbolises the end of the physical existence.



  • see: now a plan preserved since long time can be put into action, – the opportunity in addition is favorable, – also: warns about hasty actions which are not to be cancelled any more, – also: a friend will offend you,
  • work with it: a death in the circle of friends.

(European ones).:

  • see: the time of the fulfilment of a long preserved wish has come, – has meant that the choice which one has made is the right one, – one should pause on a position, – also: one will be hurt by somebody from the immediate surroundings,
  • a broken one: if means separation of friends or business failure,
  • with one work: in the circle of friends a death will take place.


  • mow with it: come to Klatscherei,
  • see: you will suffer no need.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Scythe

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