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Meaning of dream Satan :

dream satanSatan (devil) can embody uncontrolled feelings, passions and fears whose energy one should use more sensibly. Partly he points to a conflict between consciousness and unconscious which must be recognised and be processed.



  • see: you will have to suffer disgrace, – also: be put out to demoniacal menace from the surroundings.

(European ones).:

  • see: from passion one can be thrilled to a rash action, – announces that one will enter dangerous adventures and must maneuver to maintain an honourable picture,
  • are threatened by him or are attacked: one will get by a rash action in bad disputes,
  • kill him: one will leave bad and immoral friends,
  • approach one as a friend: if a warning is before wrong friends,
  • face in the form of wealth and power to one: one will be able to use his influence not to the satisfaction and help more different,
  • as a music appearing: one probably succumbs to his cunning,
  • help themselves in the form of a nice woman: one will probably lose every warmth for this moral frightfulness,
  • want to protect themselves from him: one will throw down the yoke of the egoistic pleasure and must strive to do the best for others.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Satan

Satan - dream interpretation and meaning
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