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dream rowThe movements which we explain on the water which has, as everybody knows, no beams to which we could cling in the danger case. One should compare the oars to a heavy work which costs sweat, but brings at the end in spite of manifold On and from good wage. If we do not come with the oar or only some from the place, we muddle along to us hit or miss through the life and are not very working-amusing presently.



  • must work for low wage hard, – also: a difficult time requires double strain,
  • see rowing themselves: one will have to exert himself to achieve a preput aim soon. Perseverance and symmetry are necessary.

(European ones).:

  • promises heavy, but fertile and gainful work, – announces disappointments, provided that one sacrifices own advantage in favour of other,
  • with others row together: one must count on difficulties, before the success appears,
  • besides,

    Dream interpretation and meaning : Row

  • lose a strap: warns with high spirits.


  • on your work rests blessing.

Row - dream interpretation and meaning
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