A ring in waking life is usually a symbol of important changes. On the other hand, a dream about a ring means that you will be recognized for your values and dedication. It is a sign of happiness, of reward.

A dream about a ring says a lot about you, depending on the context of the images you see. In addition to achievements, it is a sign that you need to pay attention to the direction of your life. Do not lose control over it, develop yourself and protect yourself from negative influences that interfere with your goals.


Dreambook ring

Ring on someone else’s finger

According to Dreambook, some friendships make you uncomfortable, and new ones may not be what they seem. Be vigilant when making new acquaintances.

Ring on your own finger

A dream about a ring on your own finger symbolizes the most intense feelings. There is a person you have them. It can also symbolize happiness at home and in love.

To receive a ring

When you dream that you get a ring Dreambook reveals that your efforts will be rewarded. The moments of joy you’ve been waiting for will finally come. You just need to know how to savor them and experience them for as long as possible.

To win a ring

Winning a ring in a dream means that you will be rewarded for your efforts. This could be in the personal or professional sphere. You may not even expect such a reward.

To buy a ring

A dream that you are buying a ring reveals sincere love for that person. If you buy it for your partner, you are consciously investing in your relationship. It is a sign of good and fruitful relationships.

To sell a ring

A dream about selling a ring is a warning sign, Dreambook informs you that there is a risk of negative changes in your job and even the possibility of losing it. Thus, you must be careful not to initiate these changes or prepare a plan B.


Selling a ring in a dream also indicates possible financial difficulties that may arise.

To give someone a ring

Reflect on your life and set new goals. A dream about giving someone a ring as a gift means that people will interfere with your plans. Avoid letting others make choices for you. Designate your space so that you always have autonomy in what you think, say, and do.

To lose a ring

The dream shows that a relationship that is important to you will soon end. This will cause great sadness and disappointment. However, avoid focusing on this moment, and think about the future.

To misplace a ring

If in a dream you realize that you have lost a ring, it means that someone present in your life will hurt you. It hurts a lot, but try to analyze the situation and learn from it. When the emotions have subsided, talk about it.

Damaged (destroyed) ring

The dream means that you will resume an old romance. Just think about whether it’s worth it. If you have suffered in the past from this person, the Dreambook advises against resuming the relationship.

Another dream meaning can be interpreted as a sign that you will have fortunes in a game.

Ring with a symbolic charm (for example, with a clover, horseshoe, heart).

Whether the ring is made of plastic, fabric, or gold symbolic rings are a warning to pay more attention to your finances. The purpose of this dream is to avoid disappointments and problems in the future. Think about how you have managed your money and avoid investing in things that are not important to you.

Two rings

The dream foretells a matched partner and a successful partnership or life together. It can be a romance, but also a business or even a friendship that will benefit you both.


Engagement ring

A dream about an engagement ring indicates sincere and deep loyalty and love. You can be sure of your partner’s affection and support. It foreshadows a successful relationship.

Ring with a diamond (with a stone)

You have a chance for a relationship based on love, prosperity, and fidelity. Dreambook foretells happy times together for many years. The dream represents a blooming, lasting, and loving relationship.

Gold ring

A gold ring represents a lasting relationship. Thus, if you dreamed about it, it means that you or someone close to you is about to get married.

A dream about a gold ring shows the value of a relationship. Whether it is just a flash or lasting feelings, judge for yourself by taking into account the impressions you had in the dream.

Silver ring

A dream about a silver ring shows your financial achievements – it won’t be bad. It also foretells a permanent relationship.

Another dream meaning is to listen to your intuition.

Summary of dream meanings of a ring

  • Ring on someone else’s finger – be vigilant when making new friends
  • Ring on your finger – happiness will prevail in your home
  • To receive a ring – your efforts will be rewarded
  • To win a ring – you will receive a reward for your dedication
  • To buy a ring – you love someone with great love
  • To sell a ring – be careful not to lose your job
  • To give someone a ring – set new goals, don’t let others decide for you
  • To lose a ring – your relationship will soon end
  • To misplace a ring – someone close to you will hurt you
  • Damaged (destroyed) ring – you will renew an old romance
  • Ring with a symbolic charm (e.g. with a clover, horseshoe, or heart) – manage your finances well
  • Two rings – friendship or romance will benefit you both
  • Engagement ring – you can be sure of your partner’s affection and support
  • Ring with a diamond (with a stone) – happy times await you in your relationship for many years to come
  • Gold ring – you will have a successful relationship
  • Silver ring – listen to your intuition

Dreambook mystic – ring

  • If you dream of an engagement ring, it is a sign that you will soon fall in love with someone or get married.
  • A gold ring is a harbinger of family happiness awaiting you.
  • When you dream about buying a ring, it means that you will succeed in winning the heart of the person you have been dreaming about for a long time.
  • Wearing a ring means that you will profit from the business you do.
  • Losing a ring heralds trouble for you, which will happen to you through the fault of one of your relatives or friends.
  • Finding a ring is a sign that some unexpected feeling will soon enter your life, which will completely change your situation.
  • If in a dream you received a ring as a gift, it augurs good luck for you.
  • Giving a ring to someone as a gift means that you will soon make a truce with someone with whom you have been in conflict for a long time.
  • Taking a ring from someone is a harbinger of a pending argument with someone you have feelings for.
  • A broken ring appearing in your dream is a sign that you are about to face some kind of breakup and the suffering caused by it.

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