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In general:

After C.G.Jung the rose is always valid as a symbol of the entirety, the higher spiritual world order. The rose in the dream is from big symbolic meaning. In particular she represents love and admiration. With a bunch number and colour are important. Besides, she can stand for fertility and virginity. Rose symbolises in general a rich emotional life, in particular also the wish for ‘pure’ Platonic love. The following interpretations are possible:

  • white rose stands for ‘innocent’, often shy love.
  • yellow rose points to jealousy.
  • red rose indicates passionate love.
  • black roses point to dying feelings.
  • The dog-rose embodies a good comradeship.
  • A wilted rose can point to disappointments or separation.
  • the often lovesickness announces

  • Stinging one to itself in a thorn.

In the antiquity the rose was valid as a symbol for important secrets and as an order of the discretion: If a rose on the table was eaten (in which and with each other it was spoken), it was worth as an obliging obligation to the absolute secrecy of all heard and seen. In this connection the rose is also valid as a symbol of concealed wisdom (and the confidential knowledge). E.G., the order of the Rosicrucians (‘in the name of the rose’) as an order sign carried a ‘rose in the cross’.


The rose is from age a symbol of the love, affection and the admiration, in particular the red rose. The goddess of the love, Aphrodite, has been born on the rose island Rhodes. The rose is a picture for the feeling side of the femininity. The female sexuality is not meant with it. In the vision of the rose the wish of the dreaming for intensive feelings can express itself in the respect. If black or wilted roses seem in the dream, however, this is a tip to disappointments, passing feelings or on the separation of the partner. The size of her blossom reveals special wealth of the soul and a wide heart. The nearness of the cross, symbolises by the thorns, is not to be overlooked. Beside the luck and the happiness just sometimes lie also unfathomable grief and transient beauty. One pays attention also to the colour of the dream rose from which other interpretation tips arise. In the psychology the rose is a symbol for perfection. It rescues the secret of the life in herself and is charm and luck.


At the spiritual level the rose stands in the dream for perfection and passion, life and death, time and eternity. Besides, she embodies the centre of the life.



  • The rose means wealth and joy.
  • Picking of roses, he will take pleasure of a coarse person because the roses stachlig are.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his palace is strewed with roses, he will receive a glad news because of the fragrance and the redness of the roses, luck and prosperity will wave to a my husband.
  • Seeming it one, he gets a bottle of smelling salts completely rose water or owns it, will be given him a planned child according to the delightful smell, – he looks two or three bottles of smelling salts, he will generate accordingly many children.
  • see: Luck in the love have,
  • pick: you celebrate a dear party,
  • break: quick marriage,
  • injure themselves in their thorns: no luck with the other gender have, – in which experience Nicely a bitter disappointment,
  • blossoming ones: joys of life approach you,
  • smell in it: you have secret longing, however, do not dare to admit this, – you have missed an opportunity,
  • receive to the present: you are loved faithfully, – about the fulfilment of his wishes may be glad,
  • give away: one may work out to himself good possibilities to win the affection of an existing person, – you are in love,
  • with many thorns: Obstacles in the love,
  • red ones: tender love, – your love is answered,
  • yellow ones: secret love, – also: an existing relationship is endangered by jealousy, – also: it will be possible to overcome an estrangement in a relationship, – also: real and reliable friendship surrounds you,
  • white ones: a very happy husband’s choice, – affection which can become bit by bit the love, – also: you are loved secretly and have loyal friends,
  • wilting ones: your inclination dwindles, – strong feelings have already cooled off, – also: you live on the recollection.

(European ones).:

  • if it around a consolation dream does not concern: Signs of mental wealth, in a way, of the perfection,
  • are the symbol of the discretion and the love,
  • one see blossoming: one is in love,
  • many see blossoming: a happy event approaches and him (the) darling will be proved to be loyal,
  • inhale the smell: if brings unclouded joy,
  • white roses see blossoming: mean luck, – quiet, pure love has grasped one, – also: one is loved by a person secretly is too shy to confess these feelings to one,
  • white roses without sunshine or rope: promise a heavy one, if not even fatal illness,
  • white ones pick: meant the shy attempt to catch the luck
  • red ones see blossoming: if brings pleasure, – one is fulfilled by hot, passionate love, as well as an equally nice requited love,
  • red ones pick: one wants to take his luck in the storm or be taken of it,
  • yellow ones see blossoming: are valid for longing for secret kisses, – love is disturbed by jealousy,
  • yellow ones pick: Jealous scenes bring love suffering,
  • without sheet: warns about disrepute,
  • prick themselves on their thorns: Obstacles are to be overcome, and a big disappointment in the love hurts,
  • roses give: the hope on love will be vain,
  • receive given: if means fulfilment of the dear wishes,
  • wilts: bring disappointment, estrangement, separation, – bring love suffering or absence of the darlings,
  • dog-roses see: meant a comradeship marriage,
  • a rose tree with roses: one will be present at a family party,
  • see a rose tree with blossomed roses: confidential wishes come true,
  • Dreaming a young woman to pick roses then it is soon received a marriage proposal is liked which she very much.
  • to dreams young girls of a wreath of red roses, a wedding approaches!
  • Dreaming a young woman of roses on a hill which she picks and binds to bunches means this that she will make the offer of a respected person very happily.


  • see: Honour,
  • yellow ones: you will suffer damage,
  • red ones: good friendship,
  • white ones: you will get an astonishing present.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Roses

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