dream rosaryAssociation: – Devotion, – devoutness. Question: – What do I adore?

In general:

One interprets rosary often as a symbol for illnesses or deaths in the family. Real religiousness sometimes also appears in it.



The rosary indicates the experiences of life with which one can reach bit by bit spiritual perfection or wants.


The rosary exists of lined up pearls. The prayer result is compared to blossoming roses.



  • see as a prayer help: if means grief and grief, at the same time, however, also the request not to let press down, but to remain firmly, – (41, – 62, – 99)
  • carry and in addition pray: devout feelings will raise your mind,
  • pray: Illness and heavy grief,
  • in the hair: you go to the wedding.
  • If a girl dreams that to him a wreath is wound by red roses, it may count on quick marriage.

(European ones).:

  • as a prayer help: if grief, grief and grief indicates,
  • the pearls count: meant reunion with a friend,
  • see another with one: if means grief,
  • floral wreath: one will soon be able to close new friendship.


  • pray: Death in the family,
  • have: Illness in the house.

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