dream ropeAssociation: – gentle releasing of emotions. Question: – Which feelings can I certainly express?

In general:

Rope or light rain can express in the dream a feeling of novelty and refreshment which the dreaming could not feel up to now maybe for what he had access only by means of an external spring.



Change and cleaning must not always happen by a cloudburst of the feelings. The dew in the dream signals to the dreaming that also tender sometimes hardly discernible feelings can cause a lot.


At this level the dew stands in the dream for spiritual refreshment and blessing.



(European ones).:

  • you will get in incommodities which is to be escaped only hard.

(Morning rope)


  • one may look confidently in the future, because one has performed good preliminary work concerning future developments,
  • rope’s pearls see: if happy hours with a dear person announce, moreover.


  • a good omen: Tells to dream of rope with daybreak or in the dusk, the dreaming may be confident because good preliminary work is performed and is a lot of pleasant in the development. Now he needs to remain loyal only to his aims and to continue everything in the present manner, then the rich harvest is also not missing. The sign also wants to say the dreaming that the nature and the life stand on his side if he holds to them. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • pleasant surprise and luck in all areas of life,
  • feel falling down on himself: one is struck by fever or an evil illness,
  • in the sunshine glittering dew on the grass: are showered by big honour and wealth,
  • one is single: one will soon make a rich marriage,


  • on the field: growing prosperity.


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