dream rodIf one wants to bind them themselves, however, it does not create, one has in the awake life muddled images or does not make headway with a certain work. Who is hit with rods, submits, even if it is difficult for him. Who hits other with it, proves his low adaptability or the meanness with which he looks at something.



  • see: you have to be afraid of punishment, – are punished, – also: reminds us of something what we have forgotten, – also: Infidelity in the marriage, – also: one will soon have to carry on important negotiations which will cost to a lot of strengths and energy,
  • are hit: you will well defend yourself in a difficult thing, – also: difficult times approach,
  • hit somebody with it: you are power-mad, – own plans cannot be put through, – also: one should watch out for injustice and hardness,
  • hit: you better should At,
  • hang up: the danger is past, your fear needlessly,
  • bind: you look after bad intentions and want to settle accounts with your enemies,

(European ones).:

  • a difficult job will bring a lot of joyless with itself,
  • see: one will be punished for a wickedness,
  • see one: a reminder, because one has forgotten something important, – sometimes tip to conjugal infidelity,
  • bind: one should not act too rash, – by rashness one will prepare himself difficulties,
  • bundles of rods see: the closer future will be a good master,
  • with one are hit: if means the success of a plan or plan,
  • to somebody hit with it: one should watch out for injustice and hardness more different towards, – also: do not position yourselves about your people, – a plan or plan will fail.


  • are hit with it: Load and trouble will accompany you still for a while, but suddenly a new, good time will come for you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Rod(s)

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