dream robberRobber warns mostly also about dangers if one takes too high risks or trusts other too much. Old dream books expect from the raid by the robber a property increase.


The robber appears basically in two things meanings in the dream: Once he is the romantic robber a la Robin Hood or Schinderhannes who embodies the freedom, on the other hand he is the underhand and dangerous robber who embodies the ‘vampire’ who robs of energy you. It is to be seen importantly to of what the robber robs specifically. This symbolises the quality which lies with you in the shadow area.




  • see: come to unhappy relations, – also: you lose parts of your property,
  • are attacked by them: Loss of a close relative or his own possession.

(pers.): – A symbol of the warning: If you are the victim of a robber, you should pay attention to your health, above all on the food and digestion. If you are a witness of a raid in others, it is a matter of protecting your property better. Care is also offered in the love. In general the symbol stands for the unpredictable and negative sides of the life. (Man +)

(European ones).:

  • see: means that a misdeed, a committed wrong will come to the day,
  • see one red-handed: tells a sensitive loss in, – however, it can also be a warning dream which can lead to the clarification of cases,
  • even one be: one gets involved in a dangerous thing,
  • are attacked even by robbers: one is hard deceived by somebody from whom one does not expect it and are thereby damaged, – there threaten losses and in the events one is not quite innocent,
  • are robbed during a trip: one should not exaggerate with his sporty hobbies physically,
  • are robbed by one: one will receive a present.


  • see: you will be threatened by enemies,
  • are attacked by them: big inheritance,
  • be: Rage and disgrace.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Robber

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