dream rocketAssociation: – Outbreak from the physical narrow-mindedness, – investigation of the internal rooms. Question: – Which limitations is I to be overcome ready?

In general:

Rocket stands in general for higher spiritual striving, – then it can admonish not to reach for the stars. Now and then it is interpreted in terms of weapon as a menace from the outside. In her primary meaning the rocket stands in connection with the male sexuality. Nevertheless, in the dream plays possibly the energy with which a rocket is equipped and which is available consequently to the dreaming, a more important role. If a rocket is given him, this points out to the knowledge that the dreaming optimally does not function. If he rises like a rocket, this means that he makes headway with any plan very quickly.



The rocket has no positive meaning in dreams, it is rather a serious warning signal. The dreaming is endangered, while he tries to flee from his natural area of life in others. The dreaming should pay attention to depressions and suicide danger. Less often the rocket than vision appears for flights of thought. Everything what symbolises strength deals, in the end, with how an achievement can be improved or be increased. In this sense the symbolism of the rocket is as that of the airplane, only the aims are further removed with the rocket. The explosive strength of the rocket is necessary if radical change should be carried out in the life. In the vision she circumscribes the brief recollections and thoughts which can mix up us. If we fire a rocket ourselves, can point in our a little bit fickle kind or on own ideas which blow up hissing. The space rocket probably symbolises rather more sublime thoughts which turn on God and the world. If such rockets start in nightmares, we wander around without aim helplessly.


Because with a rocket distances and heights are reached which were never still reached before, the rocket stands for spiritual search and venture.



  • civil ones see rising: indicates at pleasing family affairs, – one strives for accomplishment of big actions,
  • see: your love is short hotly, however,
  • sit in it: one will faster make headway with certain plans than one has supposed, however, one should watch out for immoderation and Unbedachtheit.

(European ones).:

  • warning, after his aims not to shoot, – also: one is discontented with his respect at the moment, – one is indefatigable and needs a change or a new respect, – short-lived success, one must be based with the next spot on a more respectable basis,
  • one allow to rise: a drunkenness will soon vanish,
  • see themselves as a crew member: one will master his problems,
  • manned rocket start: the frustration because of private problems will be soon finished,
  • fired rockets see: there will suddenly arise the chances which bring advantages
  • see rising in the sky: sudden and unexpected transportation as well as luck in the love and marriage,
  • see rising: tells good news in, – an invitation brings in the house, – one has good ideas which one should also realise now,
  • to ground overthrowing ones: unhappy connections stand in the house.


  • see: you are threatened by somebody,
  • allow to rise: you will take part in festivities.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Rocket(s)

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