If you dream of a roof, it is a sign that you are very responsible. Now you have the opportunity to earn and develop, so do not waste the chance that will probably be given to you.

The roof is safe, so if it is not working correctly, you should think carefully about your actions, decisions, and future.


Roof interpretation

See the roof

A dream in which you see a roof means you are building a barrier around you so as not to lose your beliefs, change your mind, or listen to others. You feel the need to constantly show everyone that you are good and that you have no faults.

Why are you doing this? Think if you are doing well. This behavior will not bring you the benefits you expect.

Falling roof

A dream in which you see a falling roof symbolizes that something may break and fall on you unexpectedly. If you don’t want the roof to fall over your head, try to cut off people who have a negative influence on you once and for all. Be yourself, and you will feel relieved.

You are climbing the roof

A dream pays attention to the way you do your job. It’s time for you to take a risk and upgrade your qualifications. You have to want more to be able to do more.

The promotion opportunity is now very high. Try to be faithful to your principles, and avoid self-promotion because some people will be jealous.

Walk on the roof

If you walk on the roof in a dream, it means that you are above everything and everyone at the highest point of the building. The dream interpretation claims that such a dream means a successful career and professional development.


Prepare to become a leader. Regardless of your field of expertise, the market is beneficial for you.

Invest in studies now and take the opportunity to develop and apply the various projects you have in mind. They will be relevant to your career and a milestone on your way to success.

You sleep on the roof

Dream means that your chance for change will be lost if you don’t take all your responsibilities seriously. You will be left alone if you do not take others seriously.

Dream is also a sign of insecurity. You have to change the way you see the world.

Uncertainty limits you and prevents you from fully spreading your wings.

Fall from the roof

The dream that you are falling from the roof shows that you lack the confidence and courage to make some critical decisions. Perhaps you have to choose between two things or people.

Dream interpretation warns that you will lose all chances if you do not make your decision quickly. You don’t always have to choose between two things, but learn to balance emotions and compromise.

A dream suggests that you know what you want. People must accept you for who you are, not who they want you to be.


Damaged roof

Dreaming of a damaged roof is a sign that changing your place of residence is possible, which will positively affect your life. Analyze the problem and don’t hesitate to change your life.

Other people’s problems may affect you in unexpected ways. Be prepared for any situation and avoid being a “scapegoat.”

Dream can also mean loss and problems.

Leaking (leaky) roof

The dream interpretation says that the moment has come in your life to make changes. It’s time to focus on the shortcomings, deal with the most urgent matters and secure everyday life. Try to adjust everything to your needs, and think about your family’s needs.

Repair the roof (renovation of the roof)

To dream that you are repairing the roof means that there will be a wedding in your family.

Another meaning of dream is to warn you not to let rumors interfere with your family life. A dream portends a busy period in your life.

Another meaning of dream is the problem of imposing your opinion – don’t let this tell you anything.


Types of roofs

The roof of the house

It is a time of important decisions and actions to achieve stability in life. If you see the roof of your house in a dream, your new ideas will be realized. You feel stable and safe.

Depending on the roof’s condition, you can determine your well-being and state of mind.

Church roof

The church roof seen in a dream means security, the feeling that someone is watching over you. Dream also means being sure you will get help if needed.

The roof of a skyscraper

A skyscraper’s roof is located very high, so a dream may mean that you have come far in your career and life and are at the top.

You have to be careful not to fall off and stay in the same position as long as possible.

Car roof

Try to be independent. The dream book warns that someone will disappoint you. It is best to solve your problems yourself. If you need help, ask trusted friends or close relatives for it.

The meaning of the dream roof

  • Seeing the roof – you build a barrier around you. You don’t want to listen to others
  • Falling roof – cut off from people who have a negative influence on you
  • You are climbing the roof – raise your qualifications
  • You are walking on the roof – get ready for success at work
  • You dream on the roof – take all your responsibilities seriously
  • Fall from the roof – you lack the confidence and courage to make crucial decisions
  • Damaged roof – you can change your place of residence
  • Leaking (leaky) roof – make changes in your life
  • Repair the roof (roof renovation) – do not allow rumors to interfere with your family life
  • The roof of the house – your new ideas will be realized
  • Church roof – you feel safe
  • The roof of the skyscraper – you are at the top of your possibilities
  • The roof of the car – someone will disappoint you

dream roofAssociation: – the higher, – protection, – covering. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to extend my borders?


A roof is necessary to fulfil the basic need of the person for security and protection. If in the dream the attention on the roof of a house is directed, know the dreaming around the protection which it offers. On the other side the roof complicates ‘the clutch at the stars’. Roof means the head of the dreaming, the ‘upper small room’. If is not in the dream there a little bit in order, we should check in the awake state whether there something does not ‘spin’ whether we must not order our thoughts better or take together. Roof embodies the intellect and then contains often the tip that one lives ‘too top-heavy’, is guided too strongly towards reason and logic, but suppresses feelings and similar ‘irrational’ psychic contents. This must be changed, so that one finds again to more internal harmony. Attic dreams sometimes remind also of early sexual experiences in the youth or of longest forgotten events or situations. If fire is under the roof, the dreamer should catch up the advice of a psychotherapist. By the way, one wakes after such a dream mostly with headaches. In addition, there is according to the accompanying circumstances in the dream one more row of other, often traditional interpretations, above all:

  • roof can mount forthcoming honour and more respect promise.
  • one hauls over the coals in the dream somebody, one wants to surpass him in the awake life with his knowledge.
  • Standing the dreaming on the roof, he feels strong enough to be able to renounce protection.
  • of the roof in the surroundings look meant that one should get a better overview about the instantaneous life situation to master lighter them, – one looks of the roof out in a wide, nice scenery, the next future will run successfully and happily.
  • damaged bricks on the roof warn about forthcoming dangers which one has not perceived maybe yet.
  • a leaking roof shows that the dreaming is open for emotional attacks.
  • roof cover registers that one is about to secure his future.
  • fall of the roof also points to dangers, – one gets up uninjured, one is not thereby damaged, otherwise must be calculated on failures and losses in a concrete situation, – behind it a warning can also stand before the lofty plans with which one overestimates himself.
  • burning roof with dark smoke is a bad news, bright flames against it indicate success and luck, – unaware wishes and imagination are also often expressed in the roof fire.


Aman, the second general of the caliph, came to Sirin and asked him: ‘To Me dreamt, it floats from all roofs of the town without drop of rain a murky water and all inhabitants caught it except on me and my people.’ Sirin answered: ‘Those will be numerously which threaten life and possession of the caliph, however, you will not work to them in the hands.’ After ten days the caliph was killed and his possession was looted. However, Aman itself did not make common thing with the rebels as Sirin had predicted it.


Every now and then the protecting aspect of the woman is shown as a guardian of the fireplace as a roof.



  • protection and security, – one will well make headway at his work,
  • see light-red brick roof: Joy,
  • mount: Dangers will appear in the next time, – your plan is dangerous,
  • stand on it: Honouring receive, – success,
  • sit on it: Satisfaction, influence, respect,
  • fall down: bad news and events, – fright in view, – with setbacks in his enterprises is to be calculated,
  • put roof framework: your advertisement is accepted,
  • see covering: for lovers quick marriage, for Mr and Mrs Kindersegen,
  • see covering: Misfortune in the house,
  • see burning: Luck in enterprises have,
  • with birds see: a trip go on.

(European ones).:

    • see the new: promises high honour,
    • see the old: if worries and dangers,


    • a straw roof: if a pleasant family life,


  • mount: one will proceed in danger,
  • stand on it: means that one is threatened by dangers, – also: great honour, – overpowering success,
  • stand on one and are afraid of a fall: Their employment will not be guaranteed for you even if you maybe make progress,
  • cover: if brings a happy and confident life and more security with itself,
  • see falling down: if an unexpected event tells in,
  • fall down without injuring itself: one will escape from a danger, – setbacks and bad news register,
  • fall down and, besides, injure themselves: if an illness tells in,
  • see a damaged one: bad news,
  • a collapsing roof: warns about sudden difficulties,
  • repair a roof or build: the property can soon increase,
  • a brick falls from the roof: now all strains are pointless and pure time waste,
  • on one sleep: Enemies and wrong friends must not fear, – your health is robust,
  • from a skylight look: distant hopes,
  • stand under a gutter: unhappy times in the love could follow,


    • with bricks: you can hope shortly for glad message from abroad,
    • without brick: would be caught, because an evil feeds itself to your house, and how you know, only a misfortune,

seldom comes

  • with red bricks: Satisfaction and joy will call in in your house,
  • the burning: the strength of your soul will not leave you,
  • with birds: you plan for a long time to leave your surroundings, but something binds you, it has the appearance as if these are to you dear people.

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