A dream about a road means that you are trying to follow a path that you think is necessary for success. The type of road determines where you go. The dream can also be a warning not to go astray.

The road in the dream can mean something predetermined that you necessarily have to do, or it can represent a lack of choice. It can also represent the path chosen by you. The interpretation of the dream will largely depend on additional information, such as the condition of the road, the environment, etc.


Dreambook road

You are driving on a road

If you dream that you are driving along a road Dreambook suggests that you are persevering in the direction you have planned for yourself, you have a sense of control over your own destiny. The dream can also mean that you feel good and confident in your life, you have the conviction that you decide for yourself everything that happens to you.

You find your way on a map

A dream about finding your way on the map means that you are actively looking for the best solutions and opportunities, making decisions about your fate on your own. Independence and responsibility for decisions are valuable qualities. However, sometimes you need to seek someone else’s advice.

Unknown road

A dream about an unknown road is a pretty clear indication that you are experiencing uncertainty about your future. You do not know where you are going. Try to consciously decide your own actions, take your own life in your hands to avoid future disappointments and regrets over missed opportunities.

Building your own path

Such a dream shows that you are ready to build your own path that you want to follow. Usually those who are looking for something new may have such a dream, as they realize that they will have to follow a new path on their own. The dream shows your courage and determination to pursue your goal.

Road home

The road home marks your situation in life, the way you act or deal with the problems you experience on waking. It can also be an expression of your desire to return to your family home (if it is straight and clean) or a sign of broken ties (if it is winding, bumpy). If the road in the dark leads to your home, it means that you need to make an important decision about your future.

Asphalt road

An asphalt road in a dream can mean pessimism, resignation, weakening of self-esteem. However, the dream can also have a positive meaning if the road is level and straight – it leads straight to the destination.


Muddy road

The dream means that you feel overwhelmed by problems, you are tired and have negative thoughts. Rest, stop, ask for help. Don’t get bogged down in problems, take a different route or help from trusted people. Another dream meaning may relate to your psyche. Clarify issues from the past if they are bothering you.

Road under renovation

A person close to you may need your help, support, presence. Take an interest in the needs of loved ones and do not ignore their problems, even if they seem trivial to you. Your support will be important to someone. Your relationship will be strengthened.

Road uphill

A dream about an uphill road foretells happiness. It could be professional or personal success, achieving something you have been striving for for a long time. Success always costs effort, you are on the last straight to your goal, do not give up.

Straight path

If you saw or walked on a straight road in your dream in a good condition, the dream means progress. You need to free yourself from everything that limits you in order to move forward safely, because there is a straight road ahead of you to reach your goal. If the road in the dream is in good condition, it means that your life will enter the path of stability and success.

Winding road

If the road in your dream was a winding, bumpy road, be prepared to overcome obstacles at work. Renewing friendships will help you overcome difficulties.

The dreambook explains that your path in life is difficult and full of adversity. You need calmness and patience to face all complicated situations.

Abandoned, overgrown road

The meaning of the dream is a warning to beware of intrigues. Don’t be manipulated and drawn into biased games. Look for a way out of difficult situations right away, before the problem builds up and becomes more difficult to solve. You can count on trusted friends.

Long road

A dream about a long road implies wrong and undecided decisions. It suggests that you intend to deceive someone, perhaps a partner or friend. It is a sign that you are prolonging a situation or conversation that should have ended some time ago. You are prolonging troublesome situations unnecessarily.


Endless road

The dream means that you have a long life ahead of you, full of new challenges and inspiration. You will not be short of strength or job offers. However, be careful what you choose, so that you don’t stray from this clear straight road onto a winding side path.

The dream may also suggest that the chosen path is either too long or is a dead end. Such a dream is usually a sign of fatigue, discouragement or loss of hope.

Bumpy road

A dream about a road full of potholes and unevenness means that there are a number of obstacles to overcome in your life. Such a dream is a sign indicating a difficult time in life, but you should not stop fighting and give up on your chosen path.

Road in the forest

The meaning of the dream depends on the context. If you feel good, and there is brightness, warmth, peace around you, then the dream means that your life is stable, harmonious, you feel good, you are in good shape. If the forest is dark, scary dream means that problems are approaching, unexpected events, but also you yourself arouse some fears that complicate your life.

A dirt road

If you dream of a dirt road with a beautiful landscape around it, it means that success is near. It is a clear sign that your talents will be used to achieve something better, and this means a promotion, a new job or new opportunities.

Dreaming of a family member on a safe dirt road symbolizes family unity, blessings and a bright future.

Stone road

When you dream about a stone path, it means that you have strength and happiness. Although you are not taking an easy path, you have the support of many people who want you to succeed.

It’s a dream that allows different moments to come: joy, sorrow, downfalls and promotions. If you have the desire to succeed, show strong will and determination, and you will achieve what you want.


Road at night

The dream is a warning of bad decisions that can cause problems in your life.

If you dream about a road in the dark, on which you are with someone from your family or with your partner, it means that you are neglecting the love you feel for this person.

The dream also warns you that you will have to put more work and dedication into what you are doing to achieve your goals. It is also a signal to ask for help and good advice when you need it.

Way of the cross

The meanings of the dream about the way of the cross can be many, it all depends on your current life situation. The dream can mean suffering, overcoming difficulties, it can also symbolize your feelings – sadness due to suffering or problems of someone close to you. It can also symbolize a conscious undertaking of hardship, sacrifice, hard work, something beyond your strength to achieve a goal or help someone.

Meaning of the dream road

  • You drive along a road – you have a sense of control over your own destiny
  • You find the road on the map – you actively seek the best solutions and opportunities, make decisions on your own
  • Unknown road – take into your own hands your own life
  • Building your own path – you are brave and determined in pursuit of your goal
  • The road home – you make important decisions
  • Asphalt road – you are heading straight to your destination
  • Muddy road – rest, stop, ask for help
  • Road under repair – take an interest in the needs of loved ones
  • Road uphill – you are approaching your destination
  • Straight road – free yourself from everything that limits you and move forward
  • A winding road – renewing friendships will help you overcome difficulties
  • A deserted, overgrown road – don’t be manipulated and drawn into biased games
  • Long road – you unnecessarily prolong troublesome situations
  • Endless road – your life is full of challenges and inspiration
  • Bumpy road – overcome obstacles and don’t give up
  • Road in the forest – your life is stable, peaceful
  • A dirt road – success is near.
  • Stone road – you have the support of many people
  • Road at night – think well about the decisions you make
  • Way of the cross – you sacrifice yourself for someone

Mystic dreambook – the meaning of the dream road

  • If you dream that you see a straight road in front of you, it is a sign that soon your overall situation in life will significantly improve, because all your affairs will arrange exactly in your favor.
  • If you are walking along a road to nowhere, it is a signal that on the surface you have run into a dead end and do not know what decision you should make to change your situation for the better.
  • If you are taking a nice road, good fortune awaits you in all areas of life.
  • If you take an uphill road, fate will smile on you, and if downhill, you will meet someone you didn’t expect to see.
  • Heading down a difficult road full of obstacles symbolizes unpleasant memories from the past, which you would like not to return to.
  • A long road foretells that your life will be full of minor and major problems, a wide road is a harbinger of happiness, while a narrow road heralds great wealth that will one day become your share.
  • A road full of potholes means that you will engage in some new business venture, which will bring you great profits in some time.
  • A steep one is a sign that you will invest your money badly, while a winding one foretells that you will reach your desired destination, but by a completely different route than you planned.
  • A signpost signals that you are heading in the wrong direction.
  • A country road can foreshadow that you will go abroad or give the idea that you should change the environment you are in, because the current one is bad for you.
  • If you walk along a forest road in your dream, it means that you remain in a stable, harmonious relationship and he is a great support for you.
  • When you see a man walking with a suitcase along the road from the left to the right, it is a sign that some great, but undefined changes await you.
  • If the man is walking from the right to the left or in front, it is a signal that soon someone from far away will visit you and will want to stay with you for a long time.
  • A man walking down the road without a suitcase is an indication of a soon visit by some visitor.
  • If you dream that you are standing at the beginning of some road or flying over it, it is a sign that the period of stagnation in your life has come to an end and now a lot will start happening in it.
  • Crossing roads foreshadow some unexpected meeting, parallel to each other – that the meeting with which you associate high hopes will not take place, while the road without exit signals that your waking efforts will remain fruitless.
dream road
  • has good premeaning,
  • go by train: good news in view,
  • a train see jumping the track: The misfortune which can be overcome, however.
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