dream riverAssociation: – fluently and actively, – can show dangerous rapids, – can be smooth and quiet. Question: – Which feelings are in me in movement?


River belongs to the old symbols with varied meaning. Deep-psychologically he is mostly understood as a mental-spiritual strength and energy which drives us and fertilises, brings our arrangements to the development and changes the life constantly, besides, however, can also interfere or destroy even. In the picture of the word ‘Life river’ also lies the real meaning which comes up to the river or stream in the dream. If the dreaming moves in a boat or ship on the waters, this stands as a symbol for the life trip. However, the water is in the dream also a picture for the unconscious: If the rivers are tearing or show them an obstacle for the dreaming, this is a tip to a difficulty whose the dreaming is not aware yet. Who dreams of ‘quiet waters’, can be seldom carried away by violent waves of the passions. Who feels drawn irresistibly from the suction of a whirlpool, might be also able in the reality of deep feelings – and have a weakness for ‘fateful affairs’. Who risks a hair-raising white-water journey in the dream, no problem also has in the everyday life to position itself to the challenges of the more violent kind. And who threatens to drown in the dream in a deep river, has underestimated the shallows of a feeling and did not want to proceed to the ‘saving shore’, ‘until the water stood to him up to the neck’. Importantly in connection with a river in the dreamscape are also his shores. They can be inaccessible what points then to mental conflicts or complexes. If it concerns stone or concrete walls, this can mean that the dreaming feels restricted by the modern civilisation or does not come with this rightly. If a bridge appears, however, about the river, these conflicts can be solved, indeed only if the bridge is accessible or accessible. He also rinses some refuse – above all if he leads grey and slushy water, stands for the grief which the unconscious would like to wash away. Floods demonstrate the troubles reasonably which we give to ourselves in the everyday life. Only the clear water of a quietly flowing along river stands for an unconcerned life. Every person would like to be loved at the emotional level and be recognised, because, otherwise, an active life is refused to him. Indicates to be in the river with the things to be a part of a social group which enables to the dreaming to interoperate with other people. According to the accompanying circumstances in the dream one can reach to the above all to be followed interpretations:

  • In general he can assault on this of the time cover or on the trip by the birth to the death. A river can also show the flowing of feelings and from creative energy.
  • One remembers what one felt with regard to the dream river. If he gave to fear or he calmed


  • Quietly fluent, clear river indicates a clear life on which one perfects certainly and without detours dahinschreitet and himself on and on and matures.
  • The saying ‘quiet waters are deep’ has a true core. The quiet surface can mislead about problems.
  • of worried, effervescent river with murky water has the contrary meaning, one will have to overcome many difficulties in the life, maybe also unfair intentions pursue or fall victim intrigues more different.
  • of rushing, dangerous river often warns about defamation of character by envious people who can cause a lot of damage.
  • Having one to itself the river passively from the shore respectably

? If so, this can point to own need to make clear to itself his feelings.

  • in the dream in a riverside to go along, satisfaction with the progress can explain in the career.
  • in the river can bathe luck, success and prosperity promise, – sometimes one rises purified as a ‘new person’ from the river, stands at the beginning of a development of the personality.
  • by the river swim promises that one will overcome obstacles and opponents from own strength and can begin afterwards a better life.
  • Standing one in the river or swims against his current, can point to an unconventional personality which opposes over and over again the expectations more different, – however, maybe is also expressed in it that one should proceed on the search for the roots of own personality to get on better and to unfold.
  • in a dream river to fall can warn about domestic worries.
  • in a river to jump can be called that hasty actions are not necessary with regard to a problem.
  • crossing of the river by a boat or on a bridge shows that one should carry out a change of the present life to extend own horizon.
  • flood and waterfall are interpreted in old dream books often as a portent by problems, failures and losses, – the water steps in the house, however, one can presumably count on a profit.


At this level the river stands in the dream for spiritual energy guided in roads. ‘Everything flows.’ The river is a symbol for the universal possibilities of the fertility, the death and the renewal.


The rivers which have pure, clear transparent water and quietly dahinströmen bring slaves, going to court and people who want to go on travelling, the rivers men and judges resemble luck, – it because, because to be guilty they her wills without account and put through after free judgement, distant trips and movements because her water not stands still, but weiterfließt. If the water is, however, a mud-clouded and it flows out tearing there, she means a threat of sides man and judge and prevents every trip. If they wash any Having and property of the dreaming away and they kidnap it, they do to him quite sensitive harm. They mean even bigger damage and obendrei danger, if they the dreaming even fortschwemmen and particularly if they eject him in the sea. A bad sign is also to stand in a river, to be washed around by his waters and not to be able hinaussteigen, – then nobody, and has he a still so strong mental opposition strength, can probably endure the Widerwärtigkeiten which appear after this dream experience. Wildly flowing out rivers mean thoughtless judges, disagreeable man and the national amount because they roar vehemently and incredibly. Well it is to cross them, especially on foot, – if not wading, thus, nevertheless, swimming. If somebody dreams, he gets not at all to come about the river, and so turns back, he acts better in it if he gives up his plan, any more does not go to court, does not visit at the moment his man and does not take care of the favour of the large amount. If one means to swim in a river or lake, one will get in extreme danger. Since what happens to the fish on the dry, the same also happens to the person in the wet element. Always it is better to reach swimming the shore, than to awake in the middle of the swimming from the sleep. A clear river flowing out in the house prophesies the visit of a rich man in the house to benefit and devout of the inhabitants, – against it indicates mud-clouded, particularly if he wears somewhat from and tears away property of the house with, the act of violence of an enemy who will do big harm to house and house inhabitants. A river flowing out of the house is to a rich and high-powered man of use. He will rule over the community and, make roofed on honour, big expenditures for the public welfare, and many people will come with requests or wishes to his house, – then to all the river is an element of the life. Against it it brings to a poor man the wife or the son or any members of the family in the call of the adultery and the sloppiness. If another water flows cloudily into the house, one will see the same rising in flames, clear water against it indicates increase in possession and money galore. Rivers, lakes and water nymphs are in view of the fathering of children of good premeaning. Acheloos (God of the river of the same name, son of the Okeanos, – he was revered as a king of the rivers and symbol of the fluent water in completely Greece.) means same like the rivers and every drinking water and gives to the dream fulfilments a lot of stronger weight. If one finds to drink nothing or comes to a river, a spring or tank without being able to scoop water, one will manage nothing of him what one strives for. Covet nothing else is than a desire, and drinking satisfies the desire. Somebody dreamt, he is to the river Xanthos (epithet for Skamandros, the man blood vomited cf. Homer (Iliad 21.31following) Ten years because after Homer of the Xanthos was watered so long by the blood of the fallen.) in the scenery Troy become. During ten years the man spitted out blood, however, he did not die as was to be expected because the river is immortal.


One which had taken over the role of his man wanted to put to the proof the interpreter of dreams Sirin and asked him: ‘To Me dreamt, I drink up the whole Tigris.’ Sirin answered: ‘This you have not looked, – it is impossible.’ That had to admit it and said: ‘Thus it is, – not I have had the dream, but my man who has sent me.’ Und Sirin sagte: ‘If you come back, you will find him dead.’ And how he had said, it arrived.



  • the rivers which water the country mean the life of the people.
  • Dreaming somebody, the river which normally waters the country has dried up, famine, worries and misery will strike the country, – however, the river has stepped about the shores, the inhabitants will rejoice and run rich harvest, and the Pharaoh will be over the moon with his dignitaries.
  • Looking one, the river has put the country under water and fish have been washed ashore, the inhabitants will have to expect blessing, but also illnesses, – queues, frogs and Kriechtiere remain back, they will have to fight with enemies, however, they throw down, if they became man about the creatures, otherwise are defeated.
  • Also mean rivers which do not water the country, people, mighty or low ones, depending on whether the rivers are big or small, – everything what occurs by the rivers, good or bad person, will come true for the persons concerned.
  • Dreaming to the emperor, he throws nets in the river to catch fish, and makes a rich catch, the worries which press him because of a war or in any way will change into luck, – he catches nothing, will stamp in the opposite. An easy man will come after this dream according to the catch of fish to prosperity, he catches nothing, come away empty-handed.
  • brightly and clearly: advantageous view, – no appreciable disturbances on the life, –
  • with murky water: one is treated with hostility by many people, –
  • stand by a river: defamation of character falls silent if you wrap yourself in silence, –
  • cross: you make a decision and pass the danger, –
  • go in a small boat about that: you go towards to a perilous enterprise, –
  • have a bath in it: Frustration and pursuit, –
  • swim about that: you will have to fight with difficulties, –
  • strongly and wildly showering: Sacrileges will disturb you, –
  • hineinfallen: an unhappy chance will meet you, –
  • about the shore see resigning: your plan does not succeed, – also: defamation of character is about one in the circulation, –
  • see falling as a waterfall about a rock: Loss and bankruptcy.

(European ones).:

  • is felt under circumstances as an obstacle, – Hesitate in an important point on the life, –
  • with quiet, clear water: concludes by success of an enterprise, – points to pure intentions, – pleasant joys, –
  • big with clear water: a very good sign for a fluent life with few disturbances, –
  • with murky water: one is treated with hostility by other people and must fight against it, –
  • to me cloud and tearing water: if it promises evil and threatens with dangers, – one has bad intentions against somebody, – disagreeable jealous scenes, –
  • strongly hear rushing: one will be reviled, –
  • about his shores see stepping: brings inhibitions in a plan, – negative clap is about one in circulation, – the actions fall ‘in the water’, –
  • about the shores kicked river and be enclosed: in the professional life temporary difficulties have, – also: one will feel unwell by a publicly become private escapade, –
  • fall in one: a misfortune comes seldom only, –
  • jump in one: if misfortune and difficulties means in domestic matters, –
  • dried out river: announces losses, – illness and unusual misfortune, –
  • promises

  • have a bath in it: points to dangers in which one will rush intentionally, –
  • swim by one: one will overcome a dangerous opponent, –
  • swim against the current: Symbol for the internal contradictions which should be united, –
  • cross one: one leaves behind old person, and a positive change begins, –
  • see a waterfall: Ruin of members of the family, –
  • on a clear river sail and see corpses on the basis: annoyance and misery will follow fast joys and luck, –
  • with a horse swim by a clear river: if the highest bliss promises, – businessmen may count on an immense profit, –
  • with a horse ride by a ford: there waves luck, –
  • ride by a river with strong current and murky water: a disappointment stands in the house, –
  • flood see flowing into the room: if misfortune and quarrel means with clear water a distinguished visit or special profit, with murky water.


  • rivers mean, according to her size, people of low or high state.
  • Coming one to the biggest river to cross him or to scoop water and he crosses him without ship, he will direct to the governor of the emperor a petition and be heard, – he scoops water from the river, he will become rich according to the scooped amount from the abundance of mighty man.
  • Drinking he from the river and the water is pure and sweet, he will live delightfully and in joys in the house of the powerful figure, however, it is dirty and revolting, are tormented by him badly and fall ill.
  • Scooping one from another fluent water, he will get of a man of the people so many finances, as the river is big and rich in water.
  • he will consider

  • Swimming one in the river to come to the other shore or to have a bath in a lawsuit which he carries on with another which reaches upper hand kept, provided, he the other shore, this is not the case, are defeated, – he swims to become clean, he will create his difficulties with the help of a high-powered man whose power of the size of the river corresponds from the neck.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he gives the order to derive a river, and such happens, he will make a prince whose power of the size of the river resembles to himself subservient and move him where he wants, – the river flows back again in his old bed, the prince to the emperor will discontinue peace and friendship.
  • the emperor a river closes

  • bridge, he becomes same, peace and friendship with a mighty personality from free pieces, not constrainedly, the building of a bridge.
  • the emperor fluent water is guided in washbasin, – he will let according to the quantity of water the wealth of a powerful figure flow into his treasuries.
  • Building somebody a reservoir like a water tank and leads river water in, he will take of other money and bushels.
  • Quietly the fluent water which a single person is able to detain and to be closed points not to a powerful figure, but to the life of the people. If one collects this water and takes it in possession, he will lead a life which will be so happy or poor as the water is clear or murky. Drinking also the neighbours from it and it is clean and sweet, he will do to them of his abundance good, – however, it is dirty and adverse, will lead he and everybody which drink of it a wretched life. If one waters his land, he will get princely power and good among the people work.
  • Drinking on the way at an unknown place of waters, namely a full mug, he will soon die, – one more rest has remained in the mug, he will live accordingly briefly or long.
  • Tearing dahinströmendes water gives a bigger weight than the quietly passing one to the interpretation.
  • Dreaming one, he comes to a riverside or sits down there, he will make friends with a man who resembles the river, and his neighbour become.
  • Having him the river dirtily or frightened, he will be harassed accordingly by the man, – however, he has rinsed with the water his dirt, his worries and miseries will be scared away by the man.
  • Going to him the water of the river up to the neck or even over the head, approach him of the mentioned person suppression and misery.
  • the man him will settle

  • reached he swimming up to the river middle, and suppress, – he approaches the country, he will be released according to the distance to the country from the Übeln.
  • Seeming it one, he drowns in the river, he will be killed by the hand of a person who resembles the river.
  • stamped out: one of your relatives will have misfortune in the business, –
  • strongly hear rushing: you will find out sacrileges, –
  • rushing: bad people will speak of you, –
  • clearly and purely: a lot of luck, –
  • brightly: your shops go well, you need to have no worry, –
  • have a bath in it: the luck and the prosperity are in your house, – wealth, –
  • hineinfallen: Quarrel and disputes with brother or sister, –
  • hineinfallen and from the current are torn away: Misfortune, –
  • swim through: your hopes come true, –
  • about the shores see stepping (in a flood, a flood get): your plan is restrained.

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