Dream about a rabbit

Dreams involving rabbits are always associated with messages that are filled with satisfaction, happiness, and peace of mind and can foreshadow success in business.

As in real life, rabbits in dreams symbolize good luck and can attract love, money, and balance in life.


The meaning of a dream about a rabbit is also associated with sensitivity and sexuality.

Dreambook rabbit

To see a rabbit

If you see only one rabbit in your dream, it bodes well for success in business, promotions at work, and peace at home.

A dream about a rabbit means happiness, and that your life is entering a positive phase. Your family is a priority for you. The dream also represents fear of someone you consider mentally stronger.

You value security and your comfort zone, so you experience moments of inhibition and shyness. Through fear, choices related to changing your situation are put off.

Sometimes you have to overcome your fears and have the courage to face problems and resolve situations that hurt you.

Small rabbits

Small rabbits in a dream symbolize happiness in every aspect of your life.


Therefore, you need to be very aware of everything around you to take advantage of the opportunity and not miss it. Remember that there are situations that happen only once in a lifetime!

Plenty of rabbits

If in your dream you see a lot of rabbits and you are in a steady relationship the dream means that there is harmony in your home, there are no disagreements, and the atmosphere is conducive to a family idyll.

If in your dream rabbits are jumping, Dreambook informs you that you should be prepared for the arrival of a child.

The dream can also symbolize an increase in obligations.

To chase a rabbit

If in your dream you chase a rabbit and can’t catch it, it means that you will have problems with your friends. Therefore, be vigilant and take care of your relationships with your loved ones.

Another dream meaning suggests that you should not deal with several things at the same time.

To play with a rabbit

The dream signifies vitality, and this is a sign that your health and fitness are in excellent shape. However, do not forget that you are not made of steel. Take care of yourself to maintain this condition for as long as possible.

The dream also means that many pleasures will befall you.


To feed a rabbit

The meaning of the dream about feeding a rabbit is a warning. If you are running your own business be alert, someone is trying to ” squeeze” you out of the market. Act with plenty of caution. If you are an employee, watch out for competitors.

Rabbit bites ( a bite from a rabbit).

A biting rabbit in a dream means that the attention you give to something or someone must be doubled. Don’t overlook anything. Be vigilant.

Dreambook draws attention to your love life. Ask yourself, are you offering your loved one the best?

The dream also foretells a profit or reward for something.

To kill a rabbit

The dream signifies the suppression of feelings. You shouldn’t do this, especially in the company of people close to you, because it makes you feel unhappy.

It also foreshadows material losses.

Dead rabbit

A dream about a dead rabbit is a sign of changes in your life. Do everything you can to make these changes a change for the better.

Other meanings of the dream can be read as a foreshadowing of losses, primarily of property.


To eat a rabbit

If you are eating a rabbit in your dream, it may mean that your attitude was arrogant towards other people. Animals in dreams symbolize instinct. Try to be more cordial with those around you so that you are not alone.

The dream also means that you are very important to those you love and whom you always want to protect.

Rabbit’s foot

Dreambook claims that you can feel lucky. Don’t forget: your success depends only on you. You now have a good time to realize your intentions and plans.

Rabbit colors

White rabbit

If you have a partner and see white rabbits in your dream, you can be sure that fidelity is assured in your relationship. The dream foretells happiness.

Gray rabbit

The dream foreshadows pleasant events in your life. You can expect a new love or a blossoming of affection if you are in a relationship. Your daily life will be filled with joy and contentment.

Black rabbit

The meaning of the dream shows that you are afraid of intimacy, and run away from situations during which you can expose yourself, open up, and show your true self.

Try to open up to the person you love, and everything will work out.

The dream may also foreshadow some setbacks.


Brown rabbit

You may encounter difficult situations, but if you can act prudently, you can overcome all obstacles.

Dream meaning: rabbit

  • To see a rabbit – success awaits you at work
  • Small rabbits – happiness will not abandon you
  • Plenty of rabbits – there is harmony and family idyll in your home
  • To chase a rabbit – take care of relations with loved ones
  • To play with a rabbit – your health and condition are in excellent shape
  • To feed a rabbit – watch out for competition
  • Rabbit bites (rabbit bite) – don’t miss anything, be alert
  • To kill a rabbit – do not suppress your feelings
  • Dead rabbit – changes are coming in your life
  • To eat a rabbit – try to be more cordial to those around you
  • Rabbit’s foot – now is an asset time to realize your plans
  • White rabbit – your partner will be faithful to you
  • Gray rabbit – your everyday life will be filled with joy and satisfaction with life
  • Black rabbit – try to open up to the person you love
  • Brown rabbit – you may encounter difficult situations

Rabbit – mystical Dreambook

  • When you dream that you captured a rabbit, it may foretell you to make acquaintance with a person much younger than you.
  • Raising a rabbit means that you will live a very long life.
  • Eating a rabbit heralds a wedding for you or someone from your closest circle – family or friends.
  • When you see a white rabbit in your dream, it heralds for you an unspecified joy that will happen to you soon.
  • If you dream that you see a black rabbit, it is a harbinger of the mourning that awaits you.
  • A fleeing rabbit appearing in your dream is a signal from your subconscious to slow down your life a bit, and, above all, to stop catching a few proverbial pigs by the tail, because in this way you will certainly not be able to achieve anything, you can only be sorely disappointed.
  • Killing a rabbit can herald significant financial losses for you, and even the loss of all the property you own.

dream rabbit

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