dream religionReligion has multiple meaning for people. The dream interpretation has in this area her difficulties, among the rest, with the allocation of symbols to this area. With religious dreams is valid even more than with all others that the symbols can strongly disguise themselves and camouflage. Even in relatively modern times there is still the faith, dreams are a God-sent. Bishop Thomas Ken (1637 – 1710) represented the opinion, because God is omnipresent, it is not conceivable that he would not exist just in the dreams. Then, however, one must also suppose that he transmits messages to his people by dreams. Though from Christ there is no dream reports in the new testament, but the big prophets of the old testament dreamt after the tradition and received her messages in these dream visions because they were open for it and also believed in this possibility of the revelation in the theological sense. Now dream not only convinced believers of religious subjects. Jung wrote, the majority of his patients who described dreams with religious symbols to him have dropped from the faith, so that her dreams can be interpreted as an expression by feelings of the remorse and the loss. If one dreams thus of a visit of a consecrated place, this could be a comment to the lack of spiritual contents of own life. If the dream church was quiet and peaceful and emitted rest, points on it that one should look in the awake life for space for development in the spiritual area. Between cathedral and a chapel the differences which can be also transferred in the kind of the spiritual striving also exist as dream symbols. Also the dream of a crypt can refer to a ‘deeply buried’ area of the spiritual Ichs. If the church was only a ruin, an element of remorse and grief joins in, and one should consider which area of the spiritual life is a field of rubble.


These dreams sometimes come true in the everyday life. If this happens, they have no symbolic meaning. The faith serves to hold the people from the vice. If these resolve in petto to disregard the apprenticeships, then the bad conscience can ‘demand payment of’ of beginning the old valencies and religious ritüllen habits by dream and indicate a pastor or a holy place as a warning of it probably.




  • be: your sensations for all the best are of use to you.

(European ones).:

  • discuss them and feel to her drawn: a lot will disturb the rest in the life, – in the occupation disagreeable things appear,
  • in religious Verzückung selfreproaches come along: one will be made almost give up own personality to like somebody who stands with one in high respect,
  • gives the discount own religiousness: in the life more harmony with the creation will exist than up to now, – own claims will not be so high any more,
  • a pastor tells

  • one friendly, he has given up his work: one will receive unexpectedly good news, – he tells it, however, in a professional and warning manner, then own feigned fascination is exposed, or disappointments follow,
  • Dreaming a woman, them is excessively religious, she will raise her darling thereby against herself that she plays innocence and goodness to him. If she is not religious and no sinner, this means that she will own that independent honesty and Warmherzigkeit compared with others which introduce her respect and love. If she is before the religion a sinner, she will find out that there are moral laws whose nonobservance assigns her one place beyond the society. She should well pay attention to her behaviour. If she cries because of the faith, it will been disappointing in heart things. If she is rebellious, nothing has however done bad, then it will courageously carry her load and remain steadfast compared with deceitful Einflüsterungen.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Religion

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