dream rebellion


dream rebellionRepresented turmoil! Present events have moved the soul into a revolutionary mood. It is also the herald for a navel separation.


As with most dreams of hostility, a dream of a fight or a rebellion can be directed against somebody or of authority outwardly like inwards. That is the dream can reflect a discussion with someone else like with itself. Young people, the problems with parents or educators have, often dream stories in which they abreact her frustration. This can accept the form of literal fights. The dream opponent mostly symbolises what one rebels against. Such dreams also state something about own feelings, which is why one should exactly light up not only her events, but also the atmosphere in which these ran off.


(European ones).:

  • a subordinate to a lot of annoyance has prepared, will soon stop bothering to one. also: The conflicts in the family will be soon delivered and a time of the good agreement and the joy will come.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Rebellion

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