A dream about a robbery means that something good will come into your life and many of your problems will be solved. However, it may cause you to fearsome events.

The dream encourages you to pay more attention to the injustices around you.


Dreambook robbery

To see a robbery (to witness a robbery).

A dream that you see a mugging is a sign that good fortune is close to you. The meaning of the dream indicates that there will be new professional or personal opportunities in your life, and luck will be in your favor.

However, if you see that someone is maimed and does not react the dream shows that you have difficulty accepting your own qualities. Trust yourself more.

It is possible that you feel deprived of the recognition you think you deserve. This may be related to professional or family issues. Your subconscious is simply manifesting the injustice you feel.

Dreambook also claims that you are worried about the situation in your own, or someone close to you, relationship.

Home invasion

Dreambook suggests that you may do anything just to get attention. Such an attitude can damage your image and cause disrespect in the eyes of others.

Robbery in an apartment

The dream may suggest that you want to get rich fast. Another dream meaning speaks of insecurity or some family arguments. It is time to clear up old disputes.


Robbery at work|.

You are worried about some situations at work. Perhaps you are fighting for a promotion or some project and feel that the competition is trampling on your heels. Dreambook advises you to apply yourself to your obligations and focus on your goal, keep an eye on deadlines, and not confide in others about your plans.

Robbing a bank

A dream that you are robbing a bank shows that you should pay attention to how you act. Often a strategic retreat is necessary to overcome an obstacle. Stop for a moment and analyze everything that is happening in your financial life and take the appropriate precautions to avoid losses.

Dreambook claims that a dream about a bank robbery foretells the overcoming of troubles. Another dream meaning suggests an argument. However, the emotions you will throw out of you will allow you to clear the atmosphere and force you to clarify some things from the past.

Robbery (theft)

Such a dream is a good omen because it means that luck will knock on your door. Being robbed in a dream is a signal that important information will come to you and help you solve serious problems.

If you experienced a dream in which you were robbed, you should be cautious in spending money, and beware of unforeseen expenses that will arise.

The dream may also mean that some projects may not go as you planned, putting your finances at risk. Put your mind to work, as the meaning of the dream suggests that your professional position is at risk.

Armed robbery

A dream about an armed robbery can have different meanings. If you just saw an armed robber trying to rob someone, it means that your money is safe. If you are robbed by an armed robber it is an indication that you will achieve success in your professional life. If you failed to defeat an armed bandit, Dreambook believes that you are surrounded by jealous people who can cause you harm.

Attack with a knife

A dream that someone attacks you with a knife indicates aggression, anger, separation, or cutting something. Dreambook suggests that such a dream may mean loss of job or financial gains. Analyze everything that is happening around you and make the necessary changes to avoid going through difficulties.


To be a thief (to mug someone).

Dreambook warns you that you may go through unpleasant situations, especially if you pay too little attention to yourself or even ignore certain symptoms, such as fatigue. The dream warns you not to take anything lightly, as it can have significant implications for your future.

A dream that you are attacking someone indicates that you will have no luck in investments, pay special attention to how you spend and where you invest your money.

A dream in which you are attacked may also mean that you have doubts about something very important, related to your professional life.

Fleeing burglar

The dream shows your concern for someone close to you. Help him or her, but as he or she really needs it.

A dream about an escaped burglar also indicates that you will have financial problems and you should start saving for hard times.

Arrest of a burglar

A dream that a burglar is arrested is a good omen, it is a sign that you will overcome a great difficulty in your professional or financial life. If you dream about a thief in prison, it is a hint not to give up on your projects, because even with some difficulties you will reach your goal.

Death in a robbery

A dream that someone dies in a robbery is a warning of financial losses in professional life. If the one who dies is a mugger, you will maintain balance in your budget, overcoming adversity.

Summary : dream meaning of robbery

  • To see a robbery (witness a robbery) – happiness is close to you
  • Robbery at home – do not draw attention to yourself at any cost
  • Robbery in the apartment – it is time to clarify old disputes
  • Robbery at work – apply yourself to your work and focus on your goal
  • Bank robbery – you will overcome your troubles
  • Robbery (theft) – important information will help you solve your problems
  • Armed robbery – you will achieve success in your professional life
  • Robbery with a knife – you may lose income, think about what you are doing
  • To be a thief (mug someone) – do not ignore the signs of the body and the world
  • Fleeing burglar – you care for someone close to you
  • Arrest of a burglar – you will overcome difficulties in your professional or financial life
  • Death in a robbery – be careful about spending

Dream about robbery

Dreambook mystical : robbery

In general, this symbol can mean that in waking life you are nourishing some specific desires, the existence of which you may not even be aware of and only subconsciously make themselves known from time to time.

  • If in a dream you see a mugging, it means that through common sense you will manage to avoid some serious danger.
  • When you are mugged in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that in waking life you are too prone to externalize yourself in front of people you don’t even know well, and one day it may take severe revenge on you.
  • When you dream that you are mugging someone, it means that in waking life you want to draw attention to yourself at all costs, but your subconscious warns you that you may eventually go too far and lose your self-respect as a result.

dream robbery

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