dream rageAssociation: – Work on the sacrificial role. Question: – For which internal strength do I look?


Rage belongs to our most violent emotions and can also express itself in dreams very strongly, it is by physical actions or about symbols like weapons. Dreams stop hardly ever, before the cause of the dream rage is not discovered and is removed.




  • perceive to other person: you will well have a good time,
  • be: you will make yourself ridiculous, – also: you damage to yourself if you raise no patience.

(European ones).:

  • with somebody get in rage: means that this person looks certainly after you or reverse, – good news,
  • angrily on a known person be: one is promoted by this person in certain manner.


  • have: you will finish a complicated relation,
  • see in another: you will get in bad society.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Rage

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