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The dream of running is famous, and it usually occurs when there’s something difficult in your life. Dream jogging symbolizes that something is wrong, and you need to look for a solution as soon as possible.

Running – dream meaning

By knowing the importance of sleep, you can determine what you should do to resolve the situation as quickly as possible or improve your results.


The dream of running appears because we want to avoid problems, misfortunes, or escape from danger.

Racing is sometimes full of obstacles, and it takes effort. Therefore, feelings of anguish, fatigue, and insecurity are natural in this type of dream.

running dream dictionary

You are running late

Dreaming means that you are going to solve financial difficulties yourself. You have several projects that you want to implement. Think twice if working alone will bring the expected result?

You run away from the thief, from killer

Sleep shows that you have a lot of anxiety and insecurity. You need to be more protected and feel helpless. Someone may want to hurt you. You have to take care of yourself. Make sure that the reality is what it seems to be. Take care of your well-being and believe in yourself.

Running away

You are not one of those people who are terrified by conflicts or unfavorable circumstances. You are determined to defend yourself against all adversities. Your determination can overcome any difficulties.

You are running from danger

It would help if you had many fears that do not have peace in your daily life. You need a little support from a loved one who will make you feel protected. Sometimes you feel helpless and therefore run away from a natural disaster in your sleep. You have to find out what is causing you so much anguish.

running in dreams

You’re running from the rain

You feel that something is going to happen and run to avoid it. It is the desire that what will happen does not affect you in any way. This dream encourages you to reflect on your fears to identify them and work on them.

You run so that others do not see you

You hide something, and you don’t want others to find out. This feeling is disturbing. It is important to get rid of this matter and be more confident. Don’t be afraid of what others will say.

Running for sport, marathon

If you dream that you are running in the relay race, you do not mind delegating some of your duties to others. You can divide work between people and control them effectively. You carry out your tasks without losing sight of others who can help you. It is a sign of trust and hope in people.

If you dream that you are running short or long distance (marathon), it means that you like competition and you always fight to be in the first place. You are afraid of failure, so you strive for excellence. You want flattery, applause, and admiration from others. There is no impossible obstacle for you to overcome.

running marathon

You are running to lose weight

You are very aware of your physical health and especially your appearance. You want to take care of yourself, be physically and professionally active, and develop yourself.

You run for your health

You have to be careful and take care of your health. Be patient and get everything done, even if you don’t see the effect of your actions right away. You think about something you want to improve, don’t give up when difficulties arise.

You run to work

You have a strong sense of responsibility. Maybe you are working on some critical project that is important to you. You feel strongly connected with your associates. If you experience a conflict at work or it concerns people close to you, you want it to be resolved as soon as possible.

You run to find someone

You’re thinking of someone you haven’t seen in a while and want to see him again. You can connect with this person with the help of technology to calm down and find harmony again.


You are running to avoid an accident

You are very sensitive to any unusual or undesirable situation. You can get out of any catastrophe unscathed. Your reflexes save you in time. Dreaming can also mean you need to be more careful. Take care of yourself and the people around you to not expose them unnecessarily to danger.

Running late

You have a great sense of responsibility. You don’t like when others are waiting for you. You don’t want to disappoint anyone. Remember, however, that it is not always possible to meet all expectations. Also, think about yourself.

You’re running on the beach

You like freedom, so you defend your ideas and attitudes. You are a calm person who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take care of yourself, don’t forget to relax. Your dream tells you that you need rest, away from your daily duties and the people you see every day.

You’re running down the alley

There is something that limits you, you feel very overwhelmed by the situation’s urgency, and you cannot find a solution. There is something to do with money at work or in your family. This situation takes away your peace of mind. Try to explain it or arrange it so that you do not return to it again.

You are running away from danger

According to the Dream Book, a dream suggests that you feel lost. You cannot find a solution to the problem you are struggling with. There seems to be no good solution. You need a little rest to concentrate and see what you are looking for.

You run through the forest, through the woods

You think your problems are very complex, so you want to be as far away from them as possible. You may need a few days off to think of several alternatives to help resolve a situation you are struggling with. Running away won’t change anything.

You are running up the stairs

You build your future responsibly. You’re on a roll, and whatever you thought you would do. You will have to try your hand at reaching the top, but you can do it. It is within your abilities.

You run slowly

Sleep suggests that you need rest. Perhaps you need to change something in your life, give up something, cut yourself off from something. Now is the time to rethink everything you do and re-plan your action. Remember that you must have time for yourself.


Running fast

The dream interpretation suggests that you run away from emotions or problems you struggle with within your everyday life. Running away will only cause fatigue. Better to stop, think about what to do, and act. Look for a way out of the situation, solve the problem, and don’t put it away from you.

running fast sport

You are jogging

Analyze how you behave in your sleep so that you can achieve what you want. You have a tremendous inner strength that helps you pursue your goals, but your actions can be chaotic and inconsistent. Learn to plan and stick to a plan.


Sleeping means you have problems that make you very insecure. Focus and observe what is happening around you. Look at your feet and the people around you who advise and support you. Make sure you trust the right people.

You see someone running

This dream warns that there will be an event you were not prepared for. This may lead to some difficulty in resolving disputes. React in time, and don’t panic. Control your emotions.

If you know the person who ran in a dream, it means that that person is ashamed of something that is affecting your relationship. This can be, for example, infidelity, dishonesty, etc.

You want to run, but you can’t

This dream is associated with many fears due to the project’s failure. Someone or something is stopping you from spreading your wings. You have to be very careful, watch out for people around you, because someone does not wish you well.

Topless running

It is a sign that you have unbridled, even wild energy. Listen to your intuition and surrender to your inner desires. Turn off critical thinking and trust your intuition – you won’t be disappointed!


dream runAssociation: – quick movement, – escape, – joy in physical activity. Question: – What moves me?


Running general meaning

Runnings (see or run themselves) made clear as one asserts himself in the life. If one wins a running, points to assurance. If one sees himself running, the fears and feeling of inferiority can register. In the dream it is more a Hinterherrennen what points to an opportunity missed in the awake life which one would still like to use afterwards, nevertheless (however, unfortunately, one comes with the running quite a lot out of breath).


Have you got in the dream out of breath? One runs and runs and runs – and then wakes usually (bathed in sweat): a typical stress phase dream which takes up the tempo of the day activities weiterspinnt and processes. To indicate maybe also as a tip that one feels slowly ‘presecuted’ from the hasty expiries which one ‘does’ to himself, one is on the move constantly ‘rushed and breathlessly’. Relaxating!



  • even: you will overcome obstacles,
  • see: do not miss your work,
  • watch: one can overcome all obstacles if one handles with his forces economically.

European ones

  • see in general: watch out for Übereilungen,
  • horse running or car racing: one will have to decide in a thing fast, otherwise one misses a chance,
  • watch one: if one divides all his forces well, one will be able to overcome the coming obstacles,
  • take part: others will challenge one for the success, – one will miss in a thing the connection,
  • win: one will overcome his competitors.


  • even: you will hit on the way to your luck still on some obstacles.
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