dream raftIt is the oldest and easiest means of transportation on the water. A raft means security in the middle of a stormy situation. Even if it does not offer the comfort of a ship, it is able to carry the dreaming, nevertheless, through a stormy sea of the feelings. Raft puts easy, but robust locomotion means, – one can interpret this symbol often as the way as one goes by the life, asserts himself with easy means and puts through. Indeed – a raft is not so easy to steer and, therefore, from whirlpools and suddenly emergent obstacles threatened. Here also lies the symbolism: It is maybe the easiest, but, therefore, the most safe way to let do ” and cannot always stand for an immature personality which behaves a little bit clumsy. Who exists without control and orientation, cannot create a necessary course correction at the end any more. A warning dream which asks not always to choose the way of the slightest opposition – and not to leave everything to his momentum. Only if the raftsman’s dream was especially nice and positive, the contrary statement is valid rather: Leave to the things her run, you are on the right way – you can trust the ‘river of the life’. In the dream the raft can also be a symbol of the crossing. Every now and then it is significant what the raft exists of, because the material can give to the dreaming instructions for possible behaviour. In general it is a vessel which is steered with human strength and is dependent on the current. The unconscious translates with the statement, one must already have trust in own strength and in the good friends and Gönner to achieve certainly the aim of his wishes. Depending on what happens with the raft in the dream one recognises whether one can count on success or failures.


At this level the raft is a symbol of the spiritual crossing of a life phase in a new one.




  • a business well goes out.

(European ones).:

  • see swimming: registers that one will keep about water, strengthens hopes, – also: By the good advice of a commercial colleague one becomes just against one big capital loss.
  • with one on the water float: to reach uncertain trips, – an aim means luck,
  • breaking: an accident have or have to do illnesses with remaining damages durchleiden.


  • see swimming: your begun luck will go well.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Raft

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