dream raceIf the lawn lies green and cultivated in the dreamscape, he points to our well-being. If he is neglected and full weed, lets assume he of the life shadow side, a little bit sloppy relation or a disorderly ordered house.



  • A happy dear hour, – unexpected meetings,
  • nicely see green and short one: your hopes will come mainly true,
  • growing rampant: the certain things to which one does not give the necessary attention will affect advantageously,
  • more wilted or more singed: vain striving for wealth,
  • take a short-cut or absensen: your action manner is wrong, – one will miss a big chance,
  • mow: many small hopes and no success,
  • sting: your new plan is good and brings success,
  • commit: Illness in the family,
  • see going for themselves about one: the relations with the relatives will make amends and an improvement of the personal relations might also arise from it.

(European ones).:

  • as an erotic symbol to understand which arranges a dear luck according to the state of the lawn, – means long life, health, particularly if one sits on the lawn or lies,
  • see: meant if he is well maintained, domestic prosperity, – if he has grown neglectedly or wildly, happy chances,
  • see green one: unexpected meetings soon take place, – one could regain even lost love,
  • sit in it or lie: meant health and well-being, with younger people also a nice love affair,
  • about a cultivated one go: it approach a happy event and wealth, – relations with relatives make amends,
  • take part in a happy party on lawn: if many worldly pleasure and business connections,
  • announces

  • mow the lawn or cut: meant business success, – also: a resignation or even a death in the circle of acquaintances shall be taken,
  • Waiting a young woman on a green lawn on her friend or lover, then her wishes will come true in view of wealth and marriage. If the grass is dead and the lawn is marshy, disputes and separation are to be expected. If queues creep before your feet, betrayal and bad allusions will drive to despair you.


  • on him go: you will be present at a burial,
  • more green: you find again a lost-believed friend,
  • sting: your health is not good.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Race

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