dream quarantineIf the dreaming feels isolated in the awake state, this can be expressed in the Traumsprache as a quarantine. It seems as if a ‘foreign authority has taken over’ the job to finish this isolation. Moreover, the dream symbol can be a tip that the dreaming must interrupt the connection with his low, animal side at least at times and knows around this need. If the dreaming must bring an animal in quarantine in his dream, this points to his inability to handle well with a vulnerable part of itself or another person.


Disagreeable dreams of a quarantine situation are to be understood as a warning dream (and as a ‘tip from the subconsciousness’): One inclines to flee with big psychic load (consciously or also unconsciously) in an illness or ‘to insulate’ to the outside completely – to search the isolation.



At the spiritual level quarantine in the dream means a limited-period retreat from the world.



  • One withdraws before you and does not want your friendship.

(European ones).:

  • are in one: one will come by underhand intrigues of enemies to a precarious situation.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Quarantine

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