dream quailKey words: Family, – wild bird. Description: Quails are a big family within the type partridges and seem everywhere in the world. Generally they are small, a little bit ungainly birds who spend more time on the ground than in the air. In the wilderness one sometimes sees a female whom his fledglings, one follow after in those. General meaning: The meaning of family for you, – which the aspect of itself which can be pestered and easily becomes the prey all his one what hunts you and pursues. Association: Fat quail – disparaging name for a stout woman. Transcendent meaning: Deep understanding either your original or your selfelective family.

In general:

For the people whom these birds like the dream means nothing. He forecasts to all others, however, bad news from a distance, in addition quarrel and danger by robbers. Quails come because from far away countries and are exceedingly argumentative together.



Quails register people who are no quail’s lovers, disagreeable news from overseas, – from overseas because also the quails come over the sea, disagreeable ones because these are cantankerous and desperate birds. (Quail’s fights and events of this kind took pleasure with the Greeks of big popularity and drew the people in masses. The quail’s cock is especially quick-tempered and pugnacious.) in communities, friendship, marriages and in the everyday business dealings they are in general the symbol of disagreements and quarrel and mean, if they are pulled from the fight (Greek metakomizesthai = technical expression of the quail’s fight?) because of the despondency (oligopsychos = 1. despairs, chicken-heartedly, – 2. weakly, weakly) sick person the death, – they are not pulled out, a lower danger. With regard to a trip they are of bad premeaning, – they bring on posters, ambushes and raids of thieves. Since if they move, they fall in the hands of the bird-catchers. Gamecocks call only disputes and quarrel, in other regard they mean by no means the same like the quails.



  • see: an unfull wish,
  • hear shouting: one wants to deceive you,
  • go hunting successfully or catch: a lucrative business carry on,
  • shoot: you get what you want,
  • roast or eat: indulge in sensuous pleasures, – also: you live about your relations.

(European ones).:

  • announce a glad future and profit in the play, – good message promises in the love,
  • living ones see: if is valid from excellent omen,
  • hear shouting: Quarrel with friends, one keeps a chill head and is not unfair,
  • shoot: can indicate nasty feelings of the friends,
  • dead ones: Danger is in delay,
  • eat: if is the proof of an extravagant life style.


  • see: bad news from a distance,
  • hear shouting: a wish comes true,
  • eat: you love luxuriant board joys.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Quail

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