A dream about a cellar

A dream about a cellar

A dream about a cellar

A cellar is a place where we store unused things, the things we do not need anymore, or which we do not use, but may need them in the future. Because of the low temperature, we often keep there various preserves, usually made by ourselves.

Usually a dream about a cellar looks like this: we are in a familiar or unfamiliar house, and we open the door which leads us downstairs, to a dark cellar. This activity may be accompanied by various emotions – on one hand, it may be the excitation about what we can find there, on the other hand, it is often fear. The door to a cellar may be closed, which is a sign that we are not allowed to enter it.


How to interpret a dream about a cellar?

A house is a very personal place, in which every room has its own meaning. It usually reminds us of a particular period in our life, it may also be the metaphor for life in general. The rooms and their functions reflect various sides of the dreamer’s personality.

A cellar is the basis of a house, a place where we store various things and items, which we do not use, do not need or which we have forgotten about.

Psychologists connect it with the “underground’ aspects of our personality, with those thoughts and desires which we do not want to be aware of, which should not see the light of day. These are also the experiences which we have not processed yet, and which may prove to be useful someday.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a cellar?

Freud never referred to a cellar itself, however he believed that rooms in dreams symbolize women. If there are various ways to rooms and from rooms presented in our dream, the interpretation is rather obvious. The followers of this theory claim that a cellar may be the metaphor for unconsciousness, while an attic may symbolize the superego.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a cellar?

According to Jung, a house is the metaphor for the self, the “residence of mind”. A cellar symbolizes unconscious mind – if we are afraid to go down there in our dream, it may mean that we are unwilling to discover the undiscovered recesses of our personality.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a cellar

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