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Meaning of dream Puddle :

dream puddleAssociation: – unimportant emotions disagreeable, but nevertheless. Question: – Which smaller discrepancy do I feel?

In general:

Although a puddle contains a lower quantity of water than a pond or lake, it can have the same meaning. She makes his feelings and the way to the dreaming as he handles with them, consciously. Puddle stands for an embarrassing bad luck which one suffers by own guilt.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Puddle


If is the dirty water which circumscribes the small spots on our soul. Who sticks in them hineintritt, to that maybe the bad luck on the feet. Possibly it matters what the dreaming does in his dream with the puddle. If he wipes up them, he tries to take back the feelings which he holds for immoderate. If he leaves them where she is, he probably has the need that other people recognise his or her feelings.


At the spiritual level a puddle can point in the dream to a blessing in the past which to himself the dreaming up to now has not made deliberate.



  • see: The bad experience, – also: a luring business, however, with danger linked,
  • especially dirtily: one will be allowed to count on a sudden professional rise,
  • hineintreten and themselves stain: your squalid contact damages to your call, – also: one will be able to get small advantages in professional or also private regard, – nevertheless, for a big plan the energy and self-assertion, – is also absent: Profit in the play have,
  • exceed: your care saves you damage.

(European ones).:

  • means disadvantageous acquaintances and obstacles in the business, – it will push shut to one a misfortune, – also: announces quick quarrel in the family or in the marriage,
  • step in one with clear water: if the annoyance which is made up, nevertheless
  • promises

    Dream Symbols : Puddle

  • step in one with dirty water: if bad society tells in, – some incommodities have,
  • hineintreten and wet feet agree: damage will follow joy,
  • about that way there jumping: you escape a danger.


  • see: soon you will suffer a misfortune.

Puddle - dream interpretation and meaning
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